Thursday, January 7, 2010

Keith Stokes new RI EDC appointment

Keith Stokes, Newport native and executive director of the Newport Chamber of Commerce has been appointed by Gov. Carcieri to become head of the RI Economic Development Corporation (EDC) in a one year contract. Many of us in the East Bay are familiar with Keith Stokes and most of us think his appointment to this position is a win win for everybody. Mr. Stokes has been on the Board of the EDC for 15 years, most recently acting as Treasurer. He has gone through 33 Governors and 9 Directors since being on the EDC Board. He has four kids - three in college and would like them to be able to return to the state of RI to live out their lives and prosper. In a recent interview, he said creating JOBS is his largest priority. "WIthout jobs we cannot collect sales, income, or property taxes and local government cannot be sustained." Below are two links for more information. One to a Providence Business News article on his appointment and another to a radio interview he gave recently with Dan Yorke on WPRO. He plans to return as Executive Director of the Newport Chamber of Commerce in a year. (When asked by Dan Yorke if he would ever consider running for Governor, he said "I'd have to ask my wife about that!")

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