Sunday, January 31, 2010

Digital Nation on Frontline PBS TV Tuesday night

How is our increasingly wired world changing our lives and the lives of our children? How often do you check your email? Can you live without your Blackberry or iPhone?

"Within a single generation, digital media and the World Wide Web have transformed virtually every aspect of modern culture, from the way we learn and work to the ways in which we socialize and even conduct war. But is the technology moving faster than we can adapt to it? And is our 24/7 wired world causing us to lose as much as we’ve gained?"

Below is a link to the trailer for the show. Please check local listings for time. I think in Bristol it is on at 9 pm on PBS CH 2.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Micro financing. It works!

This is such a great idea for nurturing small ideas that can become bigger ones.
If you have an idea, and would like $1000 to make it a reality, please read on:
Photo shows Otto D'Ambrosis, the first recipient of $1000, building a four foot guitar sculpture in his workshop that kids can actually play! He plans to take it to parks and schools to engage kids in music!
The group of funders, calling themselves the Providence Awesome Foundation, says it is committed to awarding $1,000 every month for the next two years to an individual or a business that does something that injects joy, excitement, spontaneity and innovation into the state.
To apply, go to:

Video on Herreshoff Waterfront Complex

Interview with Executive Director Larry Fisher where he describes the museum's new waterfront education and exhibition center. Mr. Fisher also speaks a little about the restoration process of the original Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. buildings in Bristol and how the facility will become a Green campus.

New Wood Street Store

Looks like a convenient store named "Midland Farms" is due to open soon on the southwest corner of Bradford and Wood Streets - where the Credit Union used to be across from Nick's Fish Market.  We wish them luck and welcome them to the community.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Biggest and Brightest Full Moon of 2010 is tonight

Help Wanted Hospitality

Bristol is looking for a representative to the Newport and Bristol County Convention and Visitor's Bureau. Applicants must be associated with the hospitality industry and be from Bristol.
Please send resume with application to the Town Clerk on or before noon on February 5, 2010.
(Late applications may be considered without assurance if submitted after February 5, 2010 and prior to February 10, 2010)
Questions? Please call Town Hall: 253 7000

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Important Zoning Workshop Monday night

A Zoning Amendment Workshop is taking place on Monday night at the Library Conference Room at 7 pm on February 1, 2010 to review many changes to the Bristol Zoning Ordinance relating to aspects of land use/construction based on specific zone districts. The changes are noted clearly in the text and the document is long.
The proposed amendments can be found on the Town's website at
A summary of the proposed amendments can also be found there. Both are on page one of the Bristol home page. The Town Council and some members of boards and commissions will be in attendance. Please note this is not a formal Public Hearing. This is a meeting for the Town Council and various Boards and Commissions to review, discuss and understand what changes have been made. A Public Hearing date will be announced after this meeting for the public to make their comments (most likely at the next Town Council meeting scheduled for February 10).Go to link below for page one of the summary and for background on how and when these revisions were made:

Keith Stokes to speak at Linden Place

Save the Date
Keith Stokes, newly appointed RIEDC chair, will be speaking at Linden Place on Sunday, February 7 from 2- 4 pm. 
His topic: "What's in a Name; Biblical Origins of Plantations in the Colony of Rhode Island"
Admission is free. Free tours of the Museum/House from 12 - 2pm same day.

"Welcome to RI" signs include Bristol!

In honor of the 225th celebration, all "Welcome to Rhode Island" signs will now include, "Home to the 225th Bristol Fourth of July Parade".

J/Boats recognized for awards

Cruising World/Sailing World Magazines Carol Dietz
Middletown, RI MEDIA ADVISOR t: 401 683-7667

J/Boats To Be Recognized for Multiple National Awards

For First Time Ever, Cruising World and Sailing World Magazines
Choose Same Boat as “Boat of the Year”.
Rhode Island Boating Companies to be Recognized on Feb. 4!

Newport, RI…J/Boats of Newport, RI, founded in 1977, was recently awarded recognition for its J/95 and J/97 sailboats by Cruising World and Sailing World Magazines and, for the first time in the history of these prestigious national awards, top honors by both magazines was awarded to the same boat, the J95. The competition was against new models from around the country and around the world: 18 boats participated in the Cruising World program and 14 took part in Sailing World’s. The two models from J/Boats were not only designed and marketed by the Newport-based J/Boats, the J/95 is also being built in Rhode Island by C&C Fiberglass Components of Bristol with the involvement of five other companies in the State. Representatives of the two magazines and the winners will hold a celebration of this coup for the Rhode Island boating industry at the C&C Fiberglass Components plant in Bristol on Thursday, February 4th at 10 AM at 75 Ballou Blvd. (off Broadcommon Road at end of Ballou)

Cruising World and Sailing World, both based in Middletown, RI, are published by Bonnier Corp. one of the largest consumer-publishing groups in America. Bonnier Corp. is the leading media company serving passionate, highly engaged audiences through 49 special-interest magazines and related multimedia projects and events. Bonnier Corp. is the U.S. division of the Bonnier Group, a 200year-old family owned media group based in Sweden with business operations in 25 countries.
Cruising World is the largest sailing magazine in the world and is considered the bible for bluewater sailors. Sailing World is considered the authority on performance sailing and is a must-read for sailors who race to win. Both publications have awarded their “Boat of the Year” awards for the past seventeen (17) years through the U.S. boating industry’s only process of expert inspection and on the water testing after the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, in October. Winners were announced in the magazines’ January issues.

Cruising World selected the J/95 as the “Best Weekender” one of its six categories in the 2010 program. The J/95 was then selected as “Domestic Boat of the Year.”

Sailing World’s independent judging panel, which includes two Rhode Island marine industry professionals (Charlie Allen, North Sails and Barrett Holby, Holby Marine) chose the J/95 as their “Boat of the Year” in addition to selecting four category winners from its fleet of participants. One of the category winners was another J/Boat -- the J/97 -- that was chosen as “Best Club Racer.”

“We are so proud that a Rhode Island designed boat, built by a Rhode Island boat builder has set the bar in the “Boat of the Year” competition run by two nationally-renowned publications based in our state.” says Sally Helme, Publisher of Bonnier’s two sailing publications. “All in all, it’s hands-down proof that Rhode Island is a leader in the boating business.”

* * * * *
EDITOR NOTE: Other Rhode Island companies providing parts and components for the winning boats include International Marine, Hall Spars and Thurston Canvas, all of Bristol, Harken Yacht Equipment of Newport and Ken’s Canvas of Barrington.

Award ceremony will be at 10 am at C&C Fiberglass Components on Thursday February 4(off Broadcommon Road at end of Ballou).

Apple announces their newest product!

Yesterday Apple Commuter announced their newest product: The iPad. "Magical and revolutionary" are the words Steve Jobs used to describe it.
The iPad is Apple's version of a 'netbook' (a new category between an iPhone and a Laptop), that also plays music, shows videos/photos/TV and has a new eReader App called the iBook that works naturally as a touch-screen. The iPad has support for more than 140,000 applications (currently only availalbe on the i Phone) from the App Store (downloaded through i Tunes). There is no camera and there is no phone although some of the models will have 3G connection capabilities to AT&T (separate contract by month) for ubiquitous internet wireless service. It measures about 8" x 10" and it works in both portrait and landscape modes.The keyboard is touchscreen like the iPhone but a physical one can be added. Price starts at $499.
PS Like the iPhone it does not play Adobe Flash. It will ship in March or April but orders can be placed now.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LNG State House hearing

More news on LNG from last week's hearing at RI State House. RI Bill (sponsored by Bristol Democrat Rep. Doug Gablinske) would stop LNG tankers from traveling under Mount Hope Bridge -  changing clearance from 5' to 25'. The tankers ride 130' above the waterline. The Mount Hope Bridge has clearance of 135' at apex. Article below by Bruce Burdett from the East Bay Newspapers. (Scroll down a few entries for additional info on this hearing.)
Photo simulation by Save Bristol Harbor showing LNG tanker on left with bridge clearance of five feet.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Andy Tyska invited to President's State of the Union address

Washington, DC - Today Tuesday January 26, 2010, Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy (D-RI) announced that he has invited Andrew Tyska, a small business owner from Bristol, Rhode Island, to be his guest at the President’s State of the Union address scheduled for Wednesday, January 27, 2010 in the Capitol.

Tyska is an owner of Bristol Marine, a full-service yacht yard and gateway to local marine trades. He is also a principal of the Bristol Harbor Group, a naval architecture and marine engineering firm offering design, engineering and construction oversight services. Tyska also serves as vice president of the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association and serves on the board of the Workforce Partnership of Greater Rhode Island. In these roles, he works to encourage and support industry sector training programs and education initiatives to help position Rhode Island as global force in the marine trades industry.

“At a time when employers are struggling to create jobs, President Obama and Congress need to pay particular attention to the plight of small businesses in Rhode Island and nationwide. Sustainable economic growth will be dependent on small businesses ability to innovate and expand. Andrew Tyska is a great example of a small business owner who understands both his business and what the government must do to enable economic growth. While the Recovery Act has pulled us back from the brink of complete collapse, it is clear that much more needs to be done. I have introduced the GROW America’s Small Businesses Act, which would make funding available to entrepreneurs by allowing them to defer taxes for the express purposes of job creation and investment in their business, and I am working with my colleagues on legislation to increase the scope and effectiveness of adult education and workplace skills programs to ensure Americans are prepared for the jobs of the future. I am pleased that Andy is able to attend the State of the Union as an advocate for small business and as a constituent of Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District,” said Kennedy

“Congressman Kennedy has been a tireless advocate for the state’s marine industries as well as a champion for small businesses and workforce development. It is certainly an honor to be invited to attend the President’s State of the Union. I am interested to hear more about federal efforts to drive economic development, health care reform, and workforce training and education. I commend Congressman Kennedy’s efforts in Congress to address these issues which are critical to the success of small businesses and citizens in our state,” said Tyska.

For more on small business read details of Gov Carcieri's State of the State:

Bristol gives Save the Bay $10K to fight LNG

The Town of Bristol committed $10K to Save the Bay at last Wednesday night's Town Council meeting to help with the fight against LNG tankers coming into our surrounding waters. Save Bristol Harbor contributed an additional $1000 to Save the Bay. If you would like to make a donation to the fight against LNG tankers in our Bays, contact Joseph Arruda, President of Save Bristol Harbor at or John Torgan, Baykeeper, at
with your contact information. All donations should be made to Save the Bay and will be dedicated to the fight against LNG in our Bays.

Yesterday's winter winds were whistling

Scroll to bottom to read peak wind gusts in RI (mph)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bristol's Own Energy Plan

At last Wednesday evenings Town Council meeting, Ken Marshall brought up an idea, some of which had been discussed early on in the conversation about Bristol and sustainable energy projects:
To use Minturn Farm, one of Bristol's highest points, and Bristol's current Transfer Station, as a place to "power up Bristol". Before he outlined his ideas, he read the following text from the most recent Providence Business News dated January 18-24, 2010 about available grant money to municipalities for energy projects.

"Grants Designed to Promote Energy Projects

PBN: PVD - The RI Office of Energy Resources announced that residents, businesses and municipalities may apply for money to install renewable
energy systems.

The office said that the $8.4M in grants are designed to help pay for up
to 25 percent of the upfront costs of renewable energy projects, including solar, wind and hydro installations, as well as "any other proven and acceptable
renewable energy programs". The grants come from the federal stimulus passed last year.

Rhode Island residents may apply for up to $10K. Businesses may apply
for up to a total of $500K for projects.Municipalities and institutions
that serve or house 1000 or more persons may apply for a maximum of
$750K for projects."

Below is a quick summary written by Ken Marshall of the plan and scope. A business plan is in the works and financial details have to be worked out before the grant deadline at the end of January. The project would involve Bristol's Sewer Dept., the DPW, the Dept. of Parks and Recreation and the Department of Community Development. Alteris Renewables and Sustainable Global Energies were also mentioned. Keith Stokes might be involved in his new position as RIEDC chair.

Here is the outline of the plan as emailed to me by Ken Marshall:

"Install photovoltaic panels on roof of compost building 50 year life expectancy = $
Install municipal grade wind turbine 25 year life expectancy = $
Install methane/compost burning generator (Kelly Space) = $
Add all energies together to offset utility costs at the Compost facility and extra alternative energy production is credited thru net metering law to offset electric costs at sewer station and other municipal accounts.
Money saved and money generated can create a Town energy endowment account to utilize now and into the future for more projects both public and private to help Bristol and Rhode Island become a more attractive environment to live and do business in.
That's my vision for Bristol and Rhode Island and we are sticking to it."

We welcome your comments.

Friday, January 22, 2010

BCWA to raise water rates by 12%

The Bristol County Water Authority (BCWA) Board of Directors is holding a public hearing on February 3 at 6:30 pm at 450 Child Street in Warren RI 02885 to inform the public that it plans to raise its rates by 12%. If you have comments, please show up at the hearing and voice them. Questions? Call the BCWA at 245 2022. They note that because of a wet summer and spring in 2009 fewer people used water, so their income declined. This doesn't speak well as an incentive to use less water, to use rain barrels and conserve the one thing we have no replacement for. Apparently we have the second highest water rates in the state of Rhode Island, second only to Block Island.

RI Bill would stop LNG tankers

RI Bill (sponsored by Bristol Democrat Rep. Doug Gablinske) would stop LNG tankers from traveling under Mount Hope Bridge -  changing clearance from 5' to 25'. The tankers ride 130' above the waterline. The Mount Hope Bridge has clearance of 135' at apex. Currently LPG tankers travel under the Newport Pell Bridge 8 to 12 times a year docking in Providence. The bridge is closed every time this happens. Weavers Cove Energy (WCE) wants LNG tankers to make deliveries 70 times a year - 140 round trips up and down Narragansett Bay.
Read some of the testimony from many local people who testified before the House Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources on
Wednesday, January  20, 2010 at the State House in Providence including Ken Marshall, Halsey Herreshoff, Rep. Ray Gallison, Rep. Doug Gablinske, John Torgan, Ann Morrill, Fire Chief Bob Martin and others. Photo: Ann Morrill from the Kickemuit River Council giving testimony. No vote was taken. 

Environmental Film Festival

Save The Bay is hosting a 2010 Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival. The screenings will be at the following locations:

Thursday, February 25
6:00 - 8:00 pm
La Grua Center
32 Water Street
#7 Stonington Common
Stonington, CT

Friday, February 26
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Jane Pickens Theatre
49 Touro Street
Newport, RI

Sunday, February 28
4:00 - 6:00 pm
Avon Cinema
260 Thayer Street
Providence, RI

For more info and to purchase tickets go to:

Cats in need of adoption

Long-time Bristol cat rescuer, Joan Foley, recently passed after battling cancer. She is survived by her husband, who is currently caring for the 22 cats she had taken in over the years. While these cats have been well cared for and loved, Joan’s husband is unable to manage caring for so many cats on his own. If you – or anyone you know – might possibly be interested in adopting one (or some) of Joan’s cats, please let Stan know, and he'll pass the word along. These cats are in need of safe and loving homes to comfortably live out their remaining years. The cats are all indoor cats and all have been neutered or spayed. Some have buddies and would be best adopted in pairs! Please contact Stan Dimock if you can help. Many thanks.

Post Script from Stan Dimock: Thank you for posting the cat info. I have an update for you. I spoke
directly with Mr. Foley over the weekend, and all but one of the house
cats has been adopted - and two different parties have expressed an
interest in adopting her. Apparently, Mr. Foley found homes for the
other cats on his own. Don't you just love a happy ending?! sd

Stan Dimock
Operations Assistant
Save The Bay® ~ Narragansett Bay
100 Save The Bay Drive
Providence, RI 02905
Phone: 401.272.3540 x115 / 401.837.5838

Landmark Campaign Finance Ruling

In Landmark Campaign Finance Ruling, Supreme Court removes limits on corporate campaign spending. McCain Feingold overturned.

Linden Place Concert this Sunday


(January 22, 2009) Linden Place will host pianist Rosalind Y. Chua for a concert in celebration of the mansion's 200th birthday on Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 3 P.M. in historic ballroom at 500 Hope Street.
Rosalind Y. Chua was born of Chinese parents in Manila, Philippines. She won the National Piano Competition at age fifteen and was awarded the Outstanding Musician Award from the Ambassador of the Republic of China at age 27. She has performed as recitalist, in chamber groups, and with orchestras in the Orient, New England, New York, Michigan, Canada and Bavaria.

Miss Chua, Professor of Music at Providence College retired in July, 2008. Miss Chua has been a member of the Commissioner of Education's Committee on the Arts for Rhode Island, Advisory Board of the Rhode Island Council on the Arts, Advisory Panel Board and On-Site Reviewer for the New England Touring Program of the New England Foundation for the Arts, and member of the Alumni Board of Directors of the New England Conservatory of Music. She is also an active member of the Chopin and Chaminade Clubs.
Celebrating with Rosalind Y. Chua will be John Joseph Masko, student of Rosalind Chua. They will perform solo piano music by Chopin, Schumann, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelsohn and Schubert's Fantaise in f minor for four- hands, one- piano.

The Bristol County Chorus, under the direction of Joan Roth, will appear as a guest and will perform chorale music by Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn and Rachmaninoff. The Bristol County Chorus is a community chorus of approximately 55 members who come from Bristol County, Rhode Island, and Bristol County, Massachusetts, as well as other near-by communities. The group is best known for its annual "Many Moods of Christmas" concert.

Admission is $10, $7 for members and free for Colt Circle members. Tickets will be available at the door on Wardwell Street. A wine reception to meet the performers will follow the concert. For further information, please call the office of Linden Place (253-0390).
* * *
FRIENDS OF LINDEN PLACE is a non-profit corporation responsible for the preservation, restoration, and promotion of Linden Place, an 1810 Federal period mansion located in the center of downtown Bristol, RI. The Linden Place organization offers cultural and educational programs to the RI community. The mansion is open from May 1 through Columbus Day, during the holiday season or by appointment.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Important Town Council meeting tomorrow night

Below is a link to the Town Council agenda for tomorrow night's Wednesday meeting on January 20, 2010 (at 7 pm at Town Hall, Court Street). The agenda is 12 pages long. Many important items are listed. A few are:
• A date for a special Town Council meeting workshop re our upcoming tax revaluation (January 27, 2010).
• A special power point presentation by Save Bristol Harbor showing a simulation of an LNG tanker coming into Narragansett Bay.
• Save the Bay's executive director, Jonathan Stone, will discuss continuing plans by Save the Bay to oppose LNG in relation to possible funding from the Town of Bristol to help with this effort.
• Liquor license and limited liquor license discussions for the following restaurants: The Hourglass Brasserie (old Tuplin Garage), Le Central and The Beehive Cafe.

Jonathan Landay talk on Afghanistan on TV

East Bay Citizens for Peace Announcement: Jonathan Landay’s talk is airing on local TV!

The Stakes in Afghanistan: The Debate We Ought to Have - A talk by journalist Jonathan S. Landay, Senior National Security Correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers, will be airing on public access TV. This talk was originally given on November 7, 2009 at the Bristol Statehouse.

Cox channel 18, Bristol - Jan. 16 and 23, 5 p.m.
Statewide - Feb. 6 and 13, 3 p.m.

Full Channel channel 9 Tuesdays: January 19 and January 26 at 1:30pm
Fridays: January 22 and January 29 at 10am
Saturdays: January 23 and January 30 at 4pm

Jonathan Landay is the son of Bristol, RI residents, Jerry and Sandy Landay.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bodacious Bee 2: Save the Date

This is an adult spelling bee usually performed in costume and is a wonderful event to raise money for the Kickemuit Education Foundation (KEF).
As stated on their website "KEF promotes innovative approaches to student development that are outside the scope of existing school budgets. Through events and donations from individuals and businesses, the Kickemuit Education Foundation provides grants to teachers and staff for high-quality programs affecting all grade levels and educational disciplines. These programs complement the existing curriculum of the Bristol Warren Regional School District, enhancing and enriching our students’ educational experience."

$30K grant received in Bristol for transport routes for marine trades

The Town of Bristol is the recipient of a $30,000 grant through the
Rhode Island Statewide Planning Program to study "Transport Routes for Bristol's Marine Trades". Research has shown that the reduced
availability of waterfront real estate makes it no longer feasible to
manufacture on the waterfront, thus requiring most companies to locate
inland and rely on over-the-road methods to transport products to the
waterfront and between each other.

Efficient and cost effective methods of transporting these large items
through town are often a challenge. To support local businesses and
future economic development, the Town of Bristol is looking to improve
the transportation infrastructure. Grant dollars will be used to
collect data by surveying existing business about their needs and
identification of various designated "Boat Transport Routes.  An
engineering study will also be conducted to provide recommendations
on improvements along the route, such as moving utility lines and radii
at curbs to facilitate the boat transport.

The Town of Bristol is among several other cities or towns to receive a
grant from the RI Statewide Planning Program. However, it is noted as
a clear stand out with the only to offer leveraged non-sponsor funding
from a private source. Bristol Marine will be contributing the
equivalent of $8,000 towards portions of the study, demonstrating a true collaborative effort benefiting the future of the Marine Industry in the Town of Bristol.

Congratulations to all involved in this important venture!

Heard on Twitter

" I want a built-in LASER beam in my next iPhone that will melt the snow in my driveway." from the unofficial apple website (tuaw)!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Help for Haiti

Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do

IYRS to open 'Composites Tech' program in Bristol

EAST BAY — The International Yacht Restoration School will open a full-time 9 month Composites Technology Program at its Bristol campus beginning in September of this year.

IYRS says the program’s length, in-depth curriculum, and emphasis on teaching both theory and hands-on skills make this the first of its kind in the fast-growing field. The program is targeted to meet the needs of the marine industry, but graduates will have a choice of career paths since the high strength-to-weight ratio of composite pioneered by boat builders is now in demand by many industries, including wind energy, aerospace, and transportation.

“The Composites Technology Program rounds out our offerings as a technical training institute for the marine industry. The program uses the same in-depth, intensive educational model that has earned our programs an international reputation for excellence,” said IYRS President Terry Nathan.

The Composites Technology Program will be offered in Bristol beginning in September. The nine-month course gives students a foundation in composites processes, techniques and technology — from general composites that employ glass fiber and polyester resin, to advanced composites.

“This program is absolutely unique from the standpoint that it integrates all the skills needed to move forward in the emerging composites industry,” said composites executive Bob Lacovara, who consulted on the development of the program. Also helping advise the project were representatives of local composites firms including Hall Spars & Rigging and New England Boatworks.

According to the American Composites Manufacturers Association, in the U.S. alone the composites industry employs about 550,000 people and generates almost $70 billion in annual revenue.

The IYRS program is being launched on the heels of a composites industry growth spurt.

“I used to say composite construction was an infant industry. Now I say it’s a raging teenager. Composites are really coming of age now because there is a need for humanity to reduce the mass of material that we use to build things — because we are running out,” said Richard O'Meara of Rhode Island–based Core Composites.

By Bruce Burdett from the East Bay Newspapers Life Section January 13-15, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Herreshoff Marine Museum passes resolution against LNG

Bristol Art Museum show at Bristol Library

For 2010, the Bristol Art Museum is celebrating a series of exhibits with a theme of the elements at the Rogers Free Library, 550 Hope Street. Bristol. The first exhibit, focuses on "Earth" and is currently on view until April 6th, and includes a wide range of interpretation. Susan Fossati received the Juror's Award for her pastel, titled "Grains of Sand". Robert L. Pillsbury received the Honorable Mention for a paper construction, titled "Earth Grid". The public is invited to select their favorite entry and vote in the first People's Choice Award. A ballot box is located in the gallery on the lower level. The winner of this award will be announced on our website, on Monday, February 1st.
Painting above by Sheila Clark Lundy titled Earth's Garden is in the current exhibition.

Haiti Relief

Please click on image once to enlarge.

Haiti: The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere now - after being hit by three hurricanes in 2008 - needs help more than ever. If you can afford to make a donation please do so.

This from Secretary Hilary Clinton re Red Cross relief to Haiti:
Cell phone text message the word "HAITI" to the number 90999 (each time you send such a text you're cell phone is billed $10). They have raised millions so far with people just sending $10 via this text message.
(As of Friday, January 15 at 9am Americans with the Red Cross have raised over $8M+ through this text message!)

Above is image of an email link from the Rhode Island Foundation received today January 15, 2010. Click on link below to get there.
If the links are not 'live' try the ones below in the PBN article or copy and paste into Google.

More links in this PBN article written today (Jan 15, 2010):

Saturday January 16, 2010: President Obama's administration has set up a new website to raise funds for Haiti relief with Presidents Bush (2) and Clinton. The website is:

Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do

Donuts and their people everywhere!

We already knew this but this article explains why our 2004 fight with Dunkin Donuts was not an easy one! The donut people are thickly settled in the state of RI and loved by (almost) all!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Documentary Movies in Newport

Rhode Island Progressive League presents
January 2010 Documentary Series
Sundays at 7 p.m.
Firehouse Theater
4 Equality Park Place , Newport, Rhode Island

Sunday, January 17th – Garbage! The Revolution Begins at Home, directed by Andrew Nisker, asks an average urban family to keep every scrap of garbage for 3 months. By the end of this trashy odyssey, you are truly inspired to revolutionize your lifestyle!

Sunday, January 24th – The World According to Monsanto, by French director Marie-Monique Robin, reveals this company’s corporate influence in government & technology as it races to genetically engineer (and patent) the world’s food supply.

Sunday, January 31st – Rethink Afghanistan is directed by Robert Greenwald.
Rescheduled from Jan. 3rd.
$5.00 Donation requested

Please RSVP so we can contact you in the event of cancellation
For More Info: Gracious Audette 841-9198. RSVP The Firehouse Theater 849-3473

Support Le Central for full liquor license

This message just in from Le Central chef and owner, Jesse James:
For those interested in Bloody Mary's at brunch or a cocktail before dinner, Le Central is applying for a full liquor license. If any of our loyal guests are interested in showing support for this endeavor, please contact the Bristol town clerk's office (253-7000) or stop by the town meeting(first of many I'm sure) on Wednesday the 20th of January-after the stimulus dinner of course. Wish us luck! Thank you! 
Jesse James, Le Central

Monday, January 11, 2010

East Bay Food Pantry Fund Raiser

Rock the Can!
An evening to benefit
East Bay Food Pantry
Friday, January 29th at 7pm
Jacky’s Galaxie, Metacom Avenue, Bristol
Featuring: Band of Brothers, RI Rocks, Juniper Hill and
The Repercussions
Tickets: $20
All Proceeds to Benefit the East Bay Food Pantry
Buffet/Cash Bar/Raffles
Tickets can be purchased at the door or at East Bay Food Pantry/Stone Soup Thrift Shop
150 Franklin Street
Fridays and Saturdays 10-3pm

Campaigns continue against LNG

The Town of Bristol wants to make a donation to Save the Bay to help with their campaign against LNG tankers from coming into our waters. They also want to work in collaboration with Save Bristol Harbor in this fight. This is the year we have to rally against LNG. Just because we've been talking about this for years does not lessen its importance. Jonathan Stone, the new Save the Bay executive director, will be attending the Bristol Town Council meeting on Wednesday January 20 to explain further details re LNG. Save Bristol Harbor will also attend and show their newly created CD presentation on LNG simulation. If you want to gain further info on LNG please show up at this Town Council meeting at Town Hall on Court Street at 7pm.
A recent message below is from Save Bristol Harbor President, Joe Arruda.

"As you know, a proposal before FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) would site an LNG berthing facility in Mount Hope Bay. Save Bristol Harbor is actively opposing this plan as it would forever damage our environment and change the quality of life for all of us who enjoy our local waters.

You can help us fight this proposal by sending your contact information (name, address and e-mail) to We will be coordinating grassroots opposition and will contact you and ask for your help in sending letters and e-mails at key points in the fight.

We are working closely with other local organizations and encourage you to visit Save the Bay’s anti-LNG action center at and sign their online petition. By working together we can ensure that this facility is never built in Mount Hope Bay.

Thank you for your support!

Joseph A. Arruda
Save Bristol Harbor"

Carbon Ocean Yachts

In September 2009, Goetz laid off all his employees. Rumor has it that the boat that Goetz Custom Boats had been building for over a year will be moved out of his facility sometime this week. The yacht owner was granted legal permission per court order to remove the boat. Apparently, a new company on Broad Common Road called Carbon Ocean Yachts has been formed to complete the yacht. This may well put some people back to work. Let's hope. Details to follow.

Eagle and whale sightings in Narragansett Bay

A bald eagle was seen circling the skies south of Save the Bay last week. It eventually landed in Squantum Woods and has not been seen again. A humpback whale was spotted the Friday before Christmas off Beavertail Point in Jamestown by a charter boat captain. Both are very unusual sightings for our area.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Free H1N1 flu shots for everyone

If you want to get a free H1N1 Flu shot, go to Reynolds School
on Tuesday, January 26 from 4 - 8 pm. The vaccine is available to
the general public. All you have to do is show up! No insurance card necessary.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Keith Stokes new RI EDC appointment

Keith Stokes, Newport native and executive director of the Newport Chamber of Commerce has been appointed by Gov. Carcieri to become head of the RI Economic Development Corporation (EDC) in a one year contract. Many of us in the East Bay are familiar with Keith Stokes and most of us think his appointment to this position is a win win for everybody. Mr. Stokes has been on the Board of the EDC for 15 years, most recently acting as Treasurer. He has gone through 33 Governors and 9 Directors since being on the EDC Board. He has four kids - three in college and would like them to be able to return to the state of RI to live out their lives and prosper. In a recent interview, he said creating JOBS is his largest priority. "WIthout jobs we cannot collect sales, income, or property taxes and local government cannot be sustained." Below are two links for more information. One to a Providence Business News article on his appointment and another to a radio interview he gave recently with Dan Yorke on WPRO. He plans to return as Executive Director of the Newport Chamber of Commerce in a year. (When asked by Dan Yorke if he would ever consider running for Governor, he said "I'd have to ask my wife about that!")

Learn more about local agriculture

The Aquidneck Land Trust (ALT) is hosting an evening of presentations and discussions on the challenges, benefits and importance of local agriculture on protected lands that the ALT has saved over the years. The event will take place on Wednesday, January 13 from 7 -8:30 pm at the Pennfield School at 110 Sandy Point Ave in Portsmouth, RI.  Ted Clement, executive director of the ALT will be the moderator. Louis Escobar of Rhody Fresh Milk will participate as well as Newport Vineyards, the SVF heritage breed livestock group and Aquidneck Farms. Click on poster to enlarge it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Save these dates

Save these conservation and preservation dates:
Details to follow when known.

RI Land and Water Conservation Summit on Saturday, March 27, 2010

Historic Preservation Conference on Saturday, April 24, 2010
focusing on the Sakonnet Peninsula including forts, farms, villages, summer resorts, cemeteries and conservation land in Little Compton and Tiverton.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Yemen LNG shipments scheduled for Boston

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino said yesterday (Dec 31, 2009) he will ask Boston’s lawyers to see whether the city can block Yemeni tankers from delivering liquefied natural gas into Boston Harbor, calling such deliveries “wrong.’’ Most recent shipments have been coming from Trinidad and Egypt. In the past they have come from Abu Dhabi, Australia and Algeria.

Yemen is facing renewed scrutiny from US counter-terrorism officials. Some say LNG tankers from the country are especially worrying because of a 2004 memoir by former counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke, who wrote that officials had “learned that Al Qaeda operatives had been infiltrating Boston by coming in on liquid natural gas tankers from Algeria.’’

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