Thursday, January 28, 2010

Important Zoning Workshop Monday night

A Zoning Amendment Workshop is taking place on Monday night at the Library Conference Room at 7 pm on February 1, 2010 to review many changes to the Bristol Zoning Ordinance relating to aspects of land use/construction based on specific zone districts. The changes are noted clearly in the text and the document is long.
The proposed amendments can be found on the Town's website at
A summary of the proposed amendments can also be found there. Both are on page one of the Bristol home page. The Town Council and some members of boards and commissions will be in attendance. Please note this is not a formal Public Hearing. This is a meeting for the Town Council and various Boards and Commissions to review, discuss and understand what changes have been made. A Public Hearing date will be announced after this meeting for the public to make their comments (most likely at the next Town Council meeting scheduled for February 10).Go to link below for page one of the summary and for background on how and when these revisions were made:

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