Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple announces their newest product!

Yesterday Apple Commuter announced their newest product: The iPad. "Magical and revolutionary" are the words Steve Jobs used to describe it.
The iPad is Apple's version of a 'netbook' (a new category between an iPhone and a Laptop), that also plays music, shows videos/photos/TV and has a new eReader App called the iBook that works naturally as a touch-screen. The iPad has support for more than 140,000 applications (currently only availalbe on the i Phone) from the App Store (downloaded through i Tunes). There is no camera and there is no phone although some of the models will have 3G connection capabilities to AT&T (separate contract by month) for ubiquitous internet wireless service. It measures about 8" x 10" and it works in both portrait and landscape modes.The keyboard is touchscreen like the iPhone but a physical one can be added. Price starts at $499.
PS Like the iPhone it does not play Adobe Flash. It will ship in March or April but orders can be placed now.

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