Monday, January 18, 2010

$30K grant received in Bristol for transport routes for marine trades

The Town of Bristol is the recipient of a $30,000 grant through the
Rhode Island Statewide Planning Program to study "Transport Routes for Bristol's Marine Trades". Research has shown that the reduced
availability of waterfront real estate makes it no longer feasible to
manufacture on the waterfront, thus requiring most companies to locate
inland and rely on over-the-road methods to transport products to the
waterfront and between each other.

Efficient and cost effective methods of transporting these large items
through town are often a challenge. To support local businesses and
future economic development, the Town of Bristol is looking to improve
the transportation infrastructure. Grant dollars will be used to
collect data by surveying existing business about their needs and
identification of various designated "Boat Transport Routes.  An
engineering study will also be conducted to provide recommendations
on improvements along the route, such as moving utility lines and radii
at curbs to facilitate the boat transport.

The Town of Bristol is among several other cities or towns to receive a
grant from the RI Statewide Planning Program. However, it is noted as
a clear stand out with the only to offer leveraged non-sponsor funding
from a private source. Bristol Marine will be contributing the
equivalent of $8,000 towards portions of the study, demonstrating a true collaborative effort benefiting the future of the Marine Industry in the Town of Bristol.

Congratulations to all involved in this important venture!

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Anonymous said...

How about manufacturing some boats down at the old Robin Rug factory?