Sunday, January 31, 2010

Digital Nation on Frontline PBS TV Tuesday night

How is our increasingly wired world changing our lives and the lives of our children? How often do you check your email? Can you live without your Blackberry or iPhone?

"Within a single generation, digital media and the World Wide Web have transformed virtually every aspect of modern culture, from the way we learn and work to the ways in which we socialize and even conduct war. But is the technology moving faster than we can adapt to it? And is our 24/7 wired world causing us to lose as much as we’ve gained?"

Below is a link to the trailer for the show. Please check local listings for time. I think in Bristol it is on at 9 pm on PBS CH 2.


lg said...

After watching this I suddenly thought: Who are our plumbers of the next generation? They all can be expert video game players but can they do anything practical and physical like fix the disposal and hammer a nail?

lg said...

PS I actually have a fabulous article about a plumber that I plan to put on the blog soon...Hope others might be inspired. Frankly, I don't know anyone who wants to be a plumber. Do you?