Monday, November 29, 2010

Stan Dimock, The Clean Up Guy

This article appeared recently in the local PATCH online newspaper. It was written by Eugenio Volpe. We are all very lucky to have a guy like Stan Dimock in the Bristol Community. Thank you Stan for all you do!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Old House Soul on TV

Old House Soul, a video documentary is scheduled to air on WSBE, (RI PBS Ch 8 TV) Saturday, December 18th at 7PM and repeated on December 19th at 11PM.

OLD HOUSE SOUL, directed by Don Manley & Michel Schtakleff examines the life and work of Steve Tyson Sr. (1942-2008), a Rhode Island preservationist whose company is responsible for restoring and preserving hundreds of historic buildings and houses across Rhode Island. The documentary is an homage to his legacy and the tradition of architectural preservation in Rhode Island.

Don Manley, co-producer
Blogger note: I have seen this film and highly recommend it!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

You're invited to the Mount Hope Farm Holiday Party!

Click on images once to enlarge.

A new local News organization called PATCH has arrived!

Since Tuesday, November 16, The Phoenix has a bit more competition in Bristol and in Warren. A NEW online LOCAL news organization called PATCH has launched their website. Check out the local staff writers - many you might know! This is definitely helping fill the LOCAL news gap. They plan to report on Town Council, School Committee meetings and all local events. The staff and reporters all work out of their homes! (PATCH is owned by AOL.) Photo taken last night by Sara Bagwell at the Patch Booth at Bristol's Holiday Preview.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Note on Saving Old windows

This is a link from the National Trust for Historic Preservation on saving old windows.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bristol Warren Education Foundation needs your support

The Bristol Warren Education Foundation (aka Kickemuit Education Foundation) is a non profit organization of community volunteers dedicated to promoting education excellence. To read a recent letter to the editor from their chair, Kara Milner, describing the organization and their recent launch of a annual drive for educational excellence go to the following link:. Their website is: This is the group who raise money every year by putting on the amazing spelling bee in the spring. Last year they raised over $23,000.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Farm to school programs

The following are quotes from Dorothy Brayley from KIDS FIRST about supplying local schools with Rhody Fresh Milk and local food. For more info:
(Taken from the new website.)

• "Did your know that Rhody Fresh has 8oz containers of milk which would be perfect for schools, but schools are currently not purchasing them. Schools are willing to pay more for RI milk, but a main barrier is around providing and serving refrigerators/coolers for the milk which are currently provided by Garelik. It seems that Newport is working through some of these issues and is poised to buy from Rhody Fresh. If successful, other schools will follow."

And did you know that
• "34 of the 36 school districts and many other institutions are served by either Sodexo, Aramark or Chartwells food service companies. These companies are reluctant to change the model and purchase food direct from farmers and prefer to work through a distributor in the middle as it is easier to deal with one account and to do so in large volume. So farm-to-school programs must work with the middle distributor. Farm Fresh RI is working to be this middle man by creating a one-stop distribution network."

After century-long decline, Farming is growth industry in RI

This article was front page ProJo on Saturday November 13 written by Providence Journal Environmental Journalist Peter Lord. It is really exciting to see this industry expanding leaps and bounds.
The number of farms in RI is up 42% from 858 in 2002 to 1219 in 2010 BUT RI agriculture produces less than ONE PERCENT of the food consumed in the state. "We have learned to rely on other states and other countries to grow our food." said Ken Ayars, chief of agriculture for the state DEM. The article states that what they need is more affordable land for young farmers, access to certified kitchens, better marketing and more farm laborers.
For a new universal website on RI agriculture go to:
Below is a link to the full article with other RI agriculture websites.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Overflow of cats at Potter League

The Potter League in Middletown has a huge number of available cats for adoption - young, old, middle age - looking for homes. Check them out here: 14 year old female tortie named Maxie.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shop Local and Win! Bristol's Snowflake raffle on for a second year

Click on poster once to enlarge. Drawing on Sunday December 19 on lower State Street at 5pm. Festivities begin at 3pm. You must be present to win the raffle. Photo by Oggi/Bristol Workshops in Photography.

Mount Hope Farm Inn

This looks like a great deal - especially for locals and their holiday house guests! Call Cathy, MHF's fabulous innkeeper, and reserve today. 401.254.1745 x 125

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boston Globe LNG editorial: November 10, 2010

This says it like it is. Amazing how big money and corporations can get a crazy idea to just drag on and on. Thank you to Rep Gallison for sending this in. Click on article once to enlarge.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mosaico buys Bristol Industrial Park

Attached is a link to an article by staff writer Chris Barrett in the latest issue of Providence Business News (Nov.8-14, 2010) on the Bristol Industrial Park and its new purchase by Mosaico Business and Community Development Corp. (This is the free link to the article!) Photograph: Executive Director of Mosaico and Bristolian, Diana Campell.

Herrehsoff Holiday Cheer Open House December 9

Bristol HDC Workshop on November 30

The Bristol Historic District Commission is planning a series of three public workshops to help the community understand the benefits/issues surrounding the Historic District and its purpose. For the first session, two highly regarded experts from the State HDC will be speaking and taking questions on HD Basics, The Secretary of the Interior's Standards and State tax credits. Please try to attend especially if you live in the district and have questions. No one knows more about the HD in RI than Rick Greenwood and Roberta Randall The other two sessions will be held in the winter and early spring 2011. Click on image once to enlarge poster.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

SHOP LOCAL and WIN: Snowflake Raffle Participating Restaurants

The Snowflake Raffle begins tomorrow Friday, November 5. It works like this: You get a free raffle ticket for every $25 you spend at participating Bristol businesses between November 5 and December 19th (the day of the drawing at the lower State Street celebration). There are many participating businesses identified by a large snowflake raffle sticker on their window. Restaurants currently listed are as follows: There are many new ones this year so read through the list carefully. Don't forget to ask for your raffle tickets. Sometimes the wait staff is not informed! (Other businesses will be reviewed in subsequent blog postings.) Shop Local and WIN!

Aidan's Pub
Anchor Martini Bar
The Beehive Cafe
Organically Good
Thames Waterside (used to be Goff's)
Leo's Ristorante
The Lobster Pot
The Sunset Cafe
195 Franklin Street
Bristol House of Pizza
Wood Street PIzza

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Teixeira gets most TC votes! Halsey is second!

Chafee wins as Governor; Diana B. Campbell receives most votes of any local candidate at 4,718