Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Andy Tyska invited to President's State of the Union address

Washington, DC - Today Tuesday January 26, 2010, Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy (D-RI) announced that he has invited Andrew Tyska, a small business owner from Bristol, Rhode Island, to be his guest at the President’s State of the Union address scheduled for Wednesday, January 27, 2010 in the Capitol.

Tyska is an owner of Bristol Marine, a full-service yacht yard and gateway to local marine trades. He is also a principal of the Bristol Harbor Group, a naval architecture and marine engineering firm offering design, engineering and construction oversight services. Tyska also serves as vice president of the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association and serves on the board of the Workforce Partnership of Greater Rhode Island. In these roles, he works to encourage and support industry sector training programs and education initiatives to help position Rhode Island as global force in the marine trades industry.

“At a time when employers are struggling to create jobs, President Obama and Congress need to pay particular attention to the plight of small businesses in Rhode Island and nationwide. Sustainable economic growth will be dependent on small businesses ability to innovate and expand. Andrew Tyska is a great example of a small business owner who understands both his business and what the government must do to enable economic growth. While the Recovery Act has pulled us back from the brink of complete collapse, it is clear that much more needs to be done. I have introduced the GROW America’s Small Businesses Act, which would make funding available to entrepreneurs by allowing them to defer taxes for the express purposes of job creation and investment in their business, and I am working with my colleagues on legislation to increase the scope and effectiveness of adult education and workplace skills programs to ensure Americans are prepared for the jobs of the future. I am pleased that Andy is able to attend the State of the Union as an advocate for small business and as a constituent of Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District,” said Kennedy

“Congressman Kennedy has been a tireless advocate for the state’s marine industries as well as a champion for small businesses and workforce development. It is certainly an honor to be invited to attend the President’s State of the Union. I am interested to hear more about federal efforts to drive economic development, health care reform, and workforce training and education. I commend Congressman Kennedy’s efforts in Congress to address these issues which are critical to the success of small businesses and citizens in our state,” said Tyska.

For more on small business read details of Gov Carcieri's State of the State: http://bit.ly/bnFxK5

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