Monday, August 31, 2009

Conley abandoning condo plan in PVD

From the Providence Business News - August 31, 2009
Conley abandoning waterfront hotel and condo plan
By Chris Barrett
PBN Staff Writer

The owner of Providence Piers has “informally” placed the waterfront property on the market, he told Providence Business News last week.

Patrick Conley had proposed a hotel and condominium complex for the property on Allens Avenue, in the middle of an industrial area. The plan had been met with stiff opposition from surrounding businesses, which feared that the development and its new residents would push them out of the area. The city also has been slow to rezone the industrial corridor as mixed use, a step necessary for Conley’s project to proceed.

Saying the opposition became too much, Conley said he has approached the city about it buying the property, has spoken with a physician group about building a medical office building and has approached a short-sea shipping company.

“I think that maybe in the hands of someone else the zoning would move,” Conley said. “I think the zoning is held up in part because of maybe some animus against me.”

After Conley proposed his project, a group of businesses formed the Providence Working Waterfront Alliance to oppose the city’s move to rezone the area. Led by Promet Marine Service, the group said that condo residents and hotel guests would object to the nearby heavy industry and ultimately force out industry businesses. With the industry, the association said, would go good-paying jobs and an economic base for the city.

“There’s a reason why there’s something called zoning,” Promet Marine Service co-owner Joel Cohen said. “Zoning is not to have a condominium and an asphalt plant and a hotel and a shipyard. It’s to have [similar] businesses located within a zone that tolerates that kind of use.”

Cohen said the association saw the potential sale of the property as a positive step, but that it would fight any effort by a new owner to develop a similar project like the one proposed by Conley.

“I think it’s premature to call [the proposed sale] a win,” Cohen said. “I think it’s a step in the right direction, a small step in the right direction.”

Cohen added the alliance is also studying purchasing the land itself.

Conley declined to name his asking price, other than to say he has spent $7 million planning the project and he would like to recoup at least that.

Any project is also complicated by environmental contamination. The R.I. Department of Environmental Management has refused to order the previous property owner to clean up the parcel, much to Conley’s dismay.

“I’m already 71 years old,” he said. “I can’t wait until I’m 90 for it to be redeveloped.”

Conley also rejected implications that he always dreamt of building high-end condos. He said he included that piece at the urging of city officials, who are undertaking a review of the city’s comprehensive plan.

The minutes from a July 16 meeting of the Providence Redevelopment Agency suggest the city may have interest in purchasing the property.

“An analysis of the property and its value is ongoing and dependent upon the outcome of the analysis, the property acquisition may be included in the proposed redevelopment plan for Allens Avenue,” the minutes read.

City Director of Planning Thom Deller did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bristol Public Workshop to discuss HDC procedures

There will be a special Town Council meeting to discuss Historic District Commission (HDC) streamlining and improvements to HDC procedures. The workshop will be on Thursday September 10, at 7 pm at Town Hall. As printed in an article by Scott Pickering in today's Bristol Phoenix, these are some suggestions that most people agree on:
• Create a simple review process outside of the monthly board meeting
• Make training mandatory for board members
• Meet more than once per month, especially in busy spring and summer.
• Hire more staff to support the district
Since the historic district has recently been expanded, this is an important workshop — convened to help the commission and the people of Bristol — especially those in the district, understand the process better and make it more "user-friendly".

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Edward Kennedy, Senate Stalwart, Dies

"Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." *
Senator Kennedy's six page obits from the NY TImes.

*last two lines of Ulysses by Tennyson

Telling Both Sides of the LNG Story

This is an LNG MUST READ.
Below is an op-ed piece submitted by Kenneth Marshall, Chairman, Bristol Town Council and Cara Cromwell, President, Save Bristol Harbor to the Providence Journal on August 13, 2009 in response to an editorial published in the Providence Journal on the need for LNG on August 11, 2009. Not surprisingly it has, to date, NOT been printed. It clearly states why the berthing platform is not a good idea for Narragansett Bay and the surrounding waters and towns. When you have five minutes - please take the time to read it and post a comment - either for or against. Not that I am biased - but it is extremely well written and details all the necessary points on this contentious subject!
Tell Both Sides of the LNG Story

Submitted to the Providence Journal
August 13, 2009

Kenneth Marshall, Chairman, Bristol Town Council
Cara Cromwell, President, Save Bristol Harbor

We read with surprise your August 11th editorial entitled “Lift for LNG.” Our surprise was caused not only by the Journal’s apparent support for this horribly misguided and ill-conceived proposal, but also for some of the inaccuracies the editorial contained. We appreciate this opportunity to set the record straight and provide your readers with a broader view of the proposed project.

We want to make clear that we are not opposed to truly offshore LNG facilities and have offered our support for a plan that moves this facility out into the ocean. However, we cannot – and will not -- sit idly by as our state’s greatest resource – our bays - are turned over to a private corporation in a for-profit endeavor. We strenuously disagree with your editorial’s assumption that this LNG is needed in New England – and/or that building this facility will help bring energy prices down.

The truth is that if Weaver’s Cove is ever built, it will be unnecessary and underutilized. Between the LNG facilities in Everett, New Brunswick and the new offshore Gloucester facility, all of New England’s LNG needs will be met, now and well into the future. It’s important to note that while LNG is a “clean” fuel, it takes a tremendous amount of “dirty” energy to transport it here from Trinidad and Tobago, so as the U.S. government takes steps to lower carbon emissions, we will favor Canadian LNG over other sources, making the proposed facility a white elephant.

Weaver’s Cove Energy first proposed bringing LNG tankers into a Fall River terminal in 2003. The project was not derailed by “wildly overstated” safety fears (as your editorial suggests), but by U.S. Coast Guard Captain Roy Nash who indicated that LNG vessels could not safely transit the route, with particular concern for the waterways in and around the new and old Brightman Street Bridges.

Undeterred, Weaver’s Cove scrapped that plan and created an “in-bay” berthing platform where LNG tankers – 910 feet in length – could offload their cargo in the middle of Mount Hope Bay. The proposed berthing facility would be about an acre in size and two stories high. In the new plan, LNG would be offloaded and moved through a 4.5- mile pipeline to the facility in Fall River. While your editorial alludes to the long safety record of LNG, it must be noted that this 4.5-mile pipeline will utilize a new and untested technology that has been the subject of some concern in the engineering community.

We also want to make clear that our opposition to the Weaver’s Cove plan is centered primarily on environmental and way-of-life issues. The enormous berthing facility would claim 73 acres of winter flounder habitat and the dredging needed for the facility and the pipeline would stir up centuries of toxins that sit on the bottom of Mount Hope Bay, polluting a clean but fragile ecosystem.

Current estimates from Weaver’s Cove indicate that there would be 140 transits to and from the facility every year. During those transits, all of us who use the water – for commercial or recreation purposes -- will be removed from the LNG route between Newport and Somerset for a period of time. This would include visiting cruise ships that are critical to our tourism and hospitality economic generator for the State of Rhode Island. The exclusion zone established by the Coast Guard will stretch for miles, essentially shutting down narrow passages in the Bay for everyone except for the gigantic LNG ship. The State Police and RI Turnpike and Bridge Authority have stated that these transits may close the Mount Hope and Pell Bridges for up to forty minutes at a time with no notice given. Our public safety officials work closely with our neighbors in Portsmouth and in an emergency, we cannot be cut off from key routes to Newport Hospital and Charlton Memorial.

Furthermore, should this proposal go through, state and local governments will be forced to shoulder some of the financial responsibility for public safety. Whether an accident actually occurs, we must be prepared and our employees must be properly trained. Bristol currently has a volunteer fire department. Providing salary and benefits to a department that is capable of providing support to an LNG facility would cost taxpayers upwards of $6 million per year and place our public service family and friends in an unnecessary and potentially dangerous and unprecedented situation. This kind of a burden – for a facility that we don’t want or need – is excessive and unfair for Rhode Island as a whole.

We are fortunate to live in this great state, so rich in beauty and natural resources. As community leaders we see no mission more important than protecting our environment, preserving our way of life, and ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy what we have passed down. We encourage all Rhode Islanders who love this state, enjoy her waters, and believe as we do that our bays belong to all of us and not a for-profit corporation to join with us in opposition to the Weaver’s Cove facility in Mount Hope Bay.

Conley looks to sell PVD waterfront property

Below is a link to today's Providence Business News editorial re Conley's waterfront property on northern Allen's Ave. in Providence.
And a Providence Journal editorial link on the same topic with a different outlook.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bristol Town Council meeting agenda for tomorrow

Below is a link to the next Bristol Town Council meeting agenda to be held at Town Hall at 7 pm August 26, 2009 (tomorrow)

Alteris named 10th-fastest growing energy company

Bristol based, Alteris Renewables, recognized by INC. Magazine. This article from The Providence Journal, August 19, 2009 — page A7. Please note it was written by Alex Kuffner who is sorely missed in Bristol.

Bristol Toy Shop owner stars in theatre production

"Harvey" comes to 2nd Story Theatre in Warren starring Bristol resident Wayne Kneeland, the Toy Shop owner. Read full story below by Bill Oakes:

Connecting kids to nature

Blithewold and the Bristol Garden Club are joining forces to offer a Junior Master Gardener program beginning in November at Blithewold. The program is new and modeled after the URI Master Gardener Program for adults. The program exposes young gardeners to the magic and wonders of nature and introduces young gardeners to the art and science of growing things through fun and creative activities.
The program is geared toward Bristol and Warren students in grades 3 to 5. They will meet once a week for six weeks starting in November. The Bristol Garden Club donated funds from its annual scholarship fund for students from Bristol and Warren. Please spread the word.
For more information call Julie Murphy at 253 2707 ext. 16 or email her at:

Warren Grocery Store to re-open

WARREN — Filling a hole that has been empty for months, Tom’s Market owners will be opening a grocery store in the space formerly occupied Child Street’s Market at Cutler Mills in October. Market manager and co-owner Glenn Place said the market will stock a wide variety of foods ranging in price.

Hit and Run accident early Sunday morning kills Warren man walking on Rte 114

A 28 year old Warren man, Joseph Hunt, was killed by a 23 year old hit and run driver from Barrington early Sunday morning. Reportedly, the man walking was run over opposite the Rockwell School while headed north on Rte 114. Full story by Ted Hayes

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wanted: VW Bus

A friend of mine who owns a bookstore is putting a call out for a Volkswagen Bus. If you know of a pre-1967 model with split windows and barn doors in really great shape, please let me know. She has big plans for its future in bookselling...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Greyhound Op-Ed in today's Pro Jo

Twin River reports a loss of $10 million annually on dog racing and bases part of its current restructuring plans on stopping this cruelty. It is time for common sense and compassion to prevail in the Ocean State. The dogs are counting on it. 
Below is the link to the Op-Ed piece in the Providence Journal today August 19 by Christine Dorchak, President of Grey2KUSA.

East Bay Citizens for Peace new website

Below is the link to the new website for East Bay Citizen's for Peace. Please contact them if you would like to join or to volunteer. This web site is filled with lots of relevant info, dates of gatherings to protest and a listing of the activities they have accomplished.

'Newport- Now' new website

Below is a link to a new Newport website that is quite good. It has all the latest Real Estate activity as well as news of the waterfront and of course lots of local news. If anyone reading the pb blog would like to do a similar real estate section for Bristol, let me know.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wood Street and its loyal followers

Small family businesses thrive here. David Barboza, Bristol Town Councilor, brought our attention to this article on the unique and old fashioned ways of Wood Street.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Noise ordinance to be reversed?

At the last Town Council meeting (August 5) the discussion of the town's noise ordinance created in 2007 especially in the HPC zones for weddings and bar mitzvahs, etc was brought up by Ken Marshall. He said that the contentious noise issue had not been resolved in mediation or in any other way. He is placing the issue on the Town Council agenda for August 26 and hopes effected parties will show up to discuss options – one of which would be to reduce the decibels back to 50 from 70 - where it was originally. This would effect Blithewold, Mount Hope Farm and Linden Place the most.
Here is the ordinance as it is amended in its first reading:







         IT IS HEREBY ORDAINED by the Town Council of the Town of Bristol, Rhode Island that Chapter 10 of the Town Code be amended as follows:





Sec. 10-35.  Exceptions from article provisions.


The provisions of this article shall not apply to:


* * *


(9)         The emission of sound (up to 7050 dBA) relative to weddings, bar mitzvahs, confirmations, and other similar ceremonial occasions held within HPC Zones up until 10:00 p.m. weekdays and Sundays and 11:00 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays, and the day before any legal holiday.


* * *

Bristol EDC Business Survey is out this week

Below is a letter to the editor of the Bristol Phoenix about this week's Bristol EDC business survey. The letter is in this week's Phoenix (8.13.09) and was written by the Bristol Economic Development Commission Chair, Keith Maloney. The purpose of the survey when tallied, is to help businesses function at a higher level and to attract and retain businesses to this area. The survey is also a place where a business can voice their unique concerns. It should not take more than 15 minutes to fill out.

To the Editor,

The Bristol Economic Development Commission (BEDC), which was established by the Town Council in the fall of 2008,
plans to launch a critical component of its mission to support Bristol’s existing business owners next week.

During the week of August 17, Bristol’s 600-plus business owners will be contacted by the Commission via email or a BLUE postcard (please look for it in the mail) with a request to respond to a 30-question survey. Instructions for accessing the survey ONLINE will be provided. If a business owner prefers to complete the survey on paper, hard copies will be available at Town Hall in the Director of Community Development’s office beginning Wednesday, August 19th. Individual responses will be kept confidential, however, the total results of the survey will be made public. The survey results will guide the Commission as it determines priorities for the next year.

The value of the information learned is dependent upon the quantity and quality of participation. We respectfully request that all business owners take the 10-15 minutes necessary to give us their input on the important issues addressed, for example, “Are any of the following procedures burdensome when opening or expanding a business in Bristol: a.) Permitting Process (b.) Boards and Commissions (c.) Codes and Regulations?”. In addition, the survey gives respondents the opportunity to inform the EDC of any unique concerns in the event they are not specifically addressed in the survey. Finally, a business owner may request a personal conversation with a member of the Commission, if desired.

The Town Council, Town Administration and Mt. Hope Enterprise Zone have been actively involved in attracting and retaining businesses during these most challenging economic times and the Economic Development Commission has been created to assist in these efforts. We want to know what needs to be done to make Bristol a more “business friendly” town and, in the process, attract and retain businesses and employment opportunities here in town. We ask you, the business owner, to help us help you!

The survey will be available ONLINE and in Town Hall through September 30th and a report on the results will be made to the Town Council and the public soon thereafter. Thank you, in advance, for your participation.

Keith Maloney
Economic Development Commission

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rob Merwin leaving the Phoenix

Rob Merwin and his wife Michelle Maher are leaving  Bristol with their two kids for Golden, Colorado next week. Michelle has a job with the Department of Energy, the kids are enrolled in school, the house is sold in Bristol and Rob is looking for work in journalism. We wish them the best of luck in their new journey to Colorado.  We will miss you Rob.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Save Bristol Harbor Annual BBQ

This is a wonderful gathering for a very worthy cause in a beautiful setting overlooking the harbor. Hope you can attend. It's worth every penny!
Annual Summer Barbeque
Sunday, August 30th from 1-5pm
at the Schwartz Residence
485 Poppasquash Road

Food, music and fun at the point!

Tickets available at the Beehive and Paper, Packaging and Panache.
$40 adults, $25 children under 12

Parking info and directions:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bristol citizen responds to Pro Jo LNG editorial

(Blogger note: The Pro Jo editorial can be found in the next entry.)
To the Editor:
Your editorial of August 11, LIFT FOR LNG, is reprehensible and irresponsible to the State of Rhode Island and it's citizenry. You are willing to sell our soul to Hess Oil Company. You state that it is economically prudent, yet you fail to mention the loss in tourism, cruise ship visitations to Newport, real estate values of towns along the 20 mile inland water route, visual blight from a three story high terminal in Mount Hope Bay which is lighted 24/7, the closing of bridges 140 times per year with the traffic tie ups, the economic disaster to our recreational boating and commercial fishing, and the negative environmental impact caused by the dredging of the pipeline to Fall River. And, yes, the potential of a disaster from a highly volatile liquid which would give third degree burns to those within one mile of an explosion. These 960 foot long tankers pass within a few thousand feet of Roger Williams University with over 3,000 students. They would clear the Mount Hope Bridge by a mere FIVE FEET! Now, if that is not an accident waiting to happen, then what is?
I suggest that you do your homework before you endorse this horrific project. I am more than willing to pay my fair share for energy without causing the destruction of our pristine and beautiful Narragansett Bay. The almighty dollar is no excuse to foster this on the State of Rhode Island or to line the pockets of Hess Oil from Texas!
Susan Capone Maloney
Bristol, Rhode Island

Pro Jo LNG editorial

August 11, 2009
In today's Providence Journal the following LNG editorial appeared titled "Lift for LNG". (link below) To my knowledge the Pro Jo is now owned by a Dallas based company called A.H. Belo. Last month they sold RI Monthly Magazine to long time president and publisher, John Palumbo. Don't mean to belittle Texas, but this editorial definitely sounds like it was written by someone from Texas. Please send in your responses and comments.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver dies

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the younger sister of president JFK, died today August 11, 2009 at Cape Cod Hospital at the age of 88. Here she is pictured in 2003 at the Special Olympics World Games in Ireland. She founded the Special Olympics in 1968 as a camp in her backyard. Now it is in 175 countries! She was the mother of five children - Maria Shriver, her only daughter and 19 grandchildren. JFK always said if Eunice had been a man she would have been president not him. She was known to wear men's pants (before it was commonplace), smoke Cuban cigars and play tackle football. NyTimes obits:

August 10, 2009: "BoSox Blog 02809"

Don't know if you follow baseball much. There has been a lot of action between the Yanks and the Sox lately. A friend of mine is a maniac Red Sox fanatic. I asked them if they would write an occasional piece for the 'pb blog'. Lucky you - here is your first installment of "BoSox Blog 02809" from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.
Please post your comments and let us know what you think!

Going into the now infamous “Bloodbath in the Bronx,” I had a bad feeling. After it was over, I felt even worse. In addition to being swept by the Yankees and being knocked 6.5 games out of first place in the AL East, the series exposed the Red Sox’ great weakness – sometimes the bats are dead and the guys just look stupid, waving the air with a stick. We had amazing starts from Lester and Beckett and a decent start from Buchholz but could only push two runs across the plate over three nights.

Before we line up where-you-used-to feed-the-raccoons*, I think there are some good things to take away from this horrifying weekend:

This too shall pass. The only thing that Theo hates more than “paying for past performance” is watching the wheels come off the bus. Smoltz was delivered back to his house before Pedroia climbed into his booster seat on the bus.

We’ve got talent. This many people haven’t traveled between Pawtucket and New York since the great Apex sale of 1987. I think at least one of them had to write his name on the back of his uniform with a sharpie. We may have the opportunity to see some auditions this fall for players we’ll need next year.

If only they could pitch every day. I was blown away by Beckett and Lester and so were the Yankees. In an ALDS, it’s nice to know that our 1-2 will beat their 1-2 almost every time out – and if the bats show up, we’re good to go. Buchholz wasn’t half bad either. And in reality, Burnett was just okay – he walked 6 – we just couldn’t get them home.

• Today is another day and they play again tonight. Whew.

I was forced to endure e-mail taunts from a good friend who (sadly) is also a (deranged) Yankee fan. I had to hear about the mistakes Sox have made and was able to counter with a few good jabs (how much did they pay for each Pavano start? are they still going to be paying A-Rod when he’s a grandpa? are they worried that he’s abusing his lip gloss?)

At the end of the back and forth, I actually felt better. We looked horrible, they looked invincible, but at the end of it all, it’s just a game, right? Nope, it’s Red Sox v. Yankees and the next time they play, I’ll be sticking to my too-small seat at Fenway Park, screeching at the top of my lungs and loving every minute of it.

* bonus points if you knew I was talking about the Mount Hope Bridge

New old postage stamps

For those of us 0f a certain age, all of these images represent TV programs that will be very familiar and what we grew up watching if we were allowed to watch TV. This was what TV offered in the mid to late 1950's - if you were lucky enough to own one!
These US Postage stamps are designed by DJ Stout and will be available at the post office in September or October.
Click once on image to enlarge it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bristol Historical Society House Tour Ad deadline

This is the last call for placing ads into the Bristol Historical Societies Old Seaport House Tour 40 page booklet. The 10-house house tour is on September 26 - rain or shine- and the booklet serves as the ticket for the event.  (About 700 booklets will be printed) There are already 25 pages of ads in the booklet and it looks wonderful. All 10 houses are written up by local historians with accompanying photos. If you or your business would like to place an ad please contact me - Lindsay Green- by phone (253 2812) or email ( and we can work out the graphics details or I can design it for you. A quarter page business card sized ad costs $30. A half page is $60 and a full page is $120. You don't have to be a business to place an ad.  All proceeds go the Bristol Historical and Preservation Society. (click on image once to enlarge)

Bristol Ultimate Pilates classes on Thames Street

Bristol Ultimate Pilates classes are held at 259 Thames Street Landing. Posted above is the schedule of classes and their description. Many classes are available for total novices and there are "cardio outdoor walks" scheduled at lunch hour. For more info call: 401 253 3811 or email: or  PB has no experience with this company but has been thinking about it for years! Please post a comment if you have attended any of these classes and let us know what you think. Click on image once to enlarge image. 

RI's Got Talent Show on Saturday, August 15

If you missed the East Bay Idol Talent Show last Friday at KMS, don't fret. A larger talent show called RI's Got Talent will be held Saturday August 15 at 7 pm at the Barrington High School off Route 114 by the white church. Details at:
It's Rhode Island's own American Idol! The local winners of the East Bay Idol Show will be participating! Come give a hand of encouragement!

Herreshoff Classic Yacht Regatta August 22 and 23

Mark your calendar for Saturday and Sunday, August 22 and 23. Herreshoff is having a huge sail boat regatta both days for classic and Herreshoff designed boats. If you need more info or would like to register go to:  Email: or call 401.253.5000 
If you just want to be a spectator, please know that the racing will begin at noon both days in Bristol Harbor. Some of the boats participating will be: Six metres, Twelve metres, Herreshoff 12 1/2s, S boats, cat boats, sea sprites and others. (click on image once to enlarge)

Shopping Locally Helps Everyone!

Help keep your local businesses in business!
This is something that many Bristol businesses have been talking about that makes lots of sense.
It's called the 3/50 project. The idea is to pick three businesses you cannot live without in Bristol and spend $50 a month at each one.The Downtown Business Merchants Association (DBMA) offered the above flier by Cindy Baxter at their last meeting describing the project in further detail. Give it a try and think about it as a way to give gift certificates as well. Click on image above once to enlarge.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Dance Studio at East Bay Fitness

This sounds fun. Let us know if you go and tell us how it was. PB has no experience with this dance studio but loves to dance. (Click once on image to enlarge scan.)

Is Google Voice a Threat to AT&T?

NY Times writer and tech expert, David Pogue, clearly spells it out.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Want to go for a sail?

There is a new charter service in Bristol Harbor. Give them a call and report back on how it went...PB has no experience with this company.

RWU Mosaico Community project

This photo (click once to enlarge) shows the 2009 orange tee-shirted fourth graders from Rockwell Elementary School in Bristol last May helping RWU with their oyster restoration project in Narragansett Bay. The project was one community service element of the Mosaico CDC Sense of Pride program and was organized by Mosaico. The photo appears on the back cover of a beautiful large format full color 52 page RWU magazine - Issue #2/Spring-Summer 2009. We are please to see the photo but a bit surprised that Mosaico is not mentioned in the caption. You can read 'mosaico - sense of pride' on the shirts though!

BTW, Mosaico has a new interim executive director. None other than Diana Campbell! Bristolian, jack of all trades and master of many. Congratulations to Diana. She reports that she is enjoying the job immensely and loves the diversity and challenges it brings.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bridge toll changes: Are they coming our way?

Below is a link to a recent Providence Business News article on bridge toll changes in our area. The article reports that the Mount Hope Bridge may have a toll of $1. and that the Newport Pell bridge toll may double. (If you have EZ Pass the toll price will remain the same.)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on August 12 at 1 pm at Thomas Park

Walter Burke, Parks and Recreation Director Press Release
⎯ On behalf of the Town of Bristol, Town Administrator; Diane Mederos, and Bristol Department of Parks and Recreation, we are cordially inviting all Bristol residents to the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the Restoration of Thomas Park; dedication of Mrs. Perry’s Garden, and the Restoration of Silver Creek.

This event will be held on Wednesday, August 12th at 1:00pm at the entrance of Thomas Park, the honor of your presence is requested. In case of inclement weather, we have scheduled an alternate date of Thursday, August 13th at the same time.

Spurred by grassroots efforts by citizens of Bristol to “Save Silver Creek” the town acquired an historic piece of property on the north boarder of Silver Creek; truly the Gateway to Bristol. Over the past several years the Bristol department of Parks and Recreation and the department of Community Development have worked with many people to create a beautiful natural park with scenic pathways and a peaceful overlook of Silver Creek. We are restoring the natural habitat for salt marsh birds and wildlife. We are creating an outdoor educational center where children can visit with families and classrooms and learn about how important it is to protect out natural resources. This event will recognize and appreciate the many State and local officials, RI DEM, DOT, NRCS, Save the Bay, CRMC, Save Bristol Harbor, The Bristol Garden Club, The Bayberry Club, the Boy Scouts of America and many local citizens who have united to turn an overgrown blighted field into a pristine Passive and Historic Park including the beautiful addition of “Mrs. Perry’s Garden”. We will also recognize the beginnings of the “Restoration of Silver Creek”. Through many partnerships we will continue to restore the natural environment of this magnificent salt marsh. Please come and join the Bristol Garden Club and The Bayberry Garden Club as they put on a traditional garden party.
Contact: Walter Burke, Parks and Recreation Director 253 1611