Sunday, October 31, 2010

Obama dinner menu

Take a look at this beautifully designed menu by Bill Hall and look at what they ate at the $7500. per person Obama dinner on the east side of Providence last week. Johnny Chace tried to keep the menu mostly locally grown. Mr. Obama concluded his remarks at about 7:30pm, saying he couldn’t stay for dinner. “I’ve got to go home to tuck in the girls and walk the dog and scoop the poop,” he said.
The lobster came from Andrades Catch in Bristol on Wood Street. Grass fed beef from Aquidneck Farms in Portsmouth. Veggies from Southside Community Land Trust in Providence, potatoes from Maplewood Farms in Portsmouth. Wine from Sakonnet Vineyards in LIttle Compton.
Click on menu once to enlarge.)


Anonymous said...

Looks like Obama is a meat and potatoes guy!

Anonymous said...

Too bad he missed out on all that good food to "scoop the poop." Offensive, really.