Sunday, October 24, 2010

Apple Computer's John Sculley on Steve Jobs

This is a long essay by John Sculley about his colleague Steve Jobs.
Sculley became the CEO of Apple when Jobs was voted out by the Board
of Directors. Sculley didn't know a thing about computers. What
attracted Steve Jobs to Sculley was his interest in Industrial Design
- not computers.

"Steve from the moment I met him always loved beautiful products,
especially hardware. He came to my house and he was fascinated
because I had special hinges and locks designed for doors.
I had studied as an industrial designer and the thing that conmected
Steve and me was industrial design. It wasn't computing.
I didn't know really anything about computers nor did any
other people in the world at that time." John Sculley

After reading this you get a good idea of how Apple products
came to be and how attention to detail and beauty was
all important no matter the cost!

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