Friday, May 22, 2009

Silver Creek estuary becoming revitalized with salt and fresh water

Silver Creek salt marsh empties into Bristol harbor just south of Sip n Dip under a small bridge running under Route 114. It is getting a new lease on life thanks to the work of the Town of Bristol, Save The Bay, DEM, the NRCS and others. Wednesday, May 20, was the big dig day for clearing out a tidal restriction that has been suffocating the marsh for a long time. Excavation of years of fill will help open up tidal flow into the 13 acre salt march as well release more fresh water from the silver creek watershed to the harbor, especially after heavy rain. The result will be less flooding, more native birds and fish and less invasive phragmites for the residents of Bristol to enjoy. Watch this short educational 'you tube' link describing the project by Save the Bay with Wenley Ferguson (STB biologist) and Walter Burke (Director of Bristol Parks and Recreation).

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