Friday, May 15, 2009

Basically British rent dispute goes to court

Avtech attempts to evict Basically British Tea Room in Warren for $25,000 in unpaid rent and utilities. Fab Goldberg, Basically British owner, pictured above.


Anonymous said...

Fab was evicted successfully via the RI District Court after violating the court approved settlement where the mill owner reduced her debt by $25,000. Then she moved out and stole the fence, spiral staircase, doors to the kitchen and bathroom, antique ceiling fans, lighting and more. Fab cost the mill owner about $49,000 in loses and owes almost $500,000 to other investors and businesses in the East Bay community. She failed to pay the town of Warren back on an $8,000 special loan program for women business owners. Without that repayment, that special loan program ended. She then borrowed $35,000 from the Rhode Island Economic Development Corp and defaulted on almost $30,000 of that loan. RIEDC did not pursue her legally because they were afraid of looking like they were not supportive of women owned businesses. It may have had something to do with the fact she threatened to sue them multiple times. When the Cutler Mill owner (her previous landlord) paid for the kitchen equipment in her old tea shop so that they could recover some of their loss, Fab threatened to sue RIEDC again saying they did not charge him enough. Closed June 28th, 2009, a constable had to remove her from the property at final minutes. Just days after the theft, she sold much of the stolen property at a garage sale in Bristol at the home of Selwyn Sharp and his wife. Word on the street is that they may have invested as much as $150,000 and basically lost it all. Fab's ability to fool people into investing in her business and then live off their money is a real life ponzi scheme worthy of an recognition. Only Bernie Madoff has caused more damage to others. Most local people are aware of how she operates... deception, intimidation, lies and then threats. Beware of this person and if you are forced to work with her, do as her best friends say and get paid up front... in cash.

Nalli said...

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