Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mosaico CDC and the Bristol Garden Club join for a productive Community Service day

On a perfect morning last week - not too sunny and not too dark - Mosaico CDC in concert with the Bristol Garden Club organized a terrific community service Sense of Pride collaboration with the fourth grade students at Guiteras School right in their own back yard. Gary Watros, ex- president of the Bristol Garden Club and former NASA rocket scientist, gave the kids a 40 minute slide talk on the history of Mrs. Perry's Garden and the Bosworth Perry House, Bristol's oldest house, located opposite Sip 'n Dip. (Did you know that a 1960's Sunoco Station and a Cumberland Farms grocery store preceded the current garden?) Mr. Watros has been working patiently on this garden project for six years. The kids learned the difference between an annual and a perennial, how to plant seeds and how to prepare the soil for planting before taking trowels and shovels into their own hands. In addition, they planted two important trees; One that was started from seeds that have traveled around the moon called a "Moon Sycamore" and the other called a "George Washington Carver Green Ash" started from seeds picked from the green ash tree that grows on the plantation where George Washington Carver was born and raised. Mr. Watros mentioned a new gardening program for kids that is still in the planning stages with Blithewold and the Bristol Garden Club called the Junior Master Gardeners series for third, fourth and fifth graders. Go to for more info. This project will begin as an after school program sometime in November 2009 and run in 6 week segments. For more info call Julie Murphy, the education director at Blithewold at 401 253 2707  x 16 (Thanks to Mosaico's Jenny Astrella and Samantha Faria for piecing together the precision scheduling of this event.) 

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Samantha said...

Thanks for posting this, Lindsay! The day turned out wonderfully and everyone involved really enjoyed it.