Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bristol's Ballet Prestige: Annual Spring Performance on Saturday, May 30

Russian styled Ballet Prestige will be putting on a spring performance on Saturday, May 30 at 2 pm at the Barrington Public Library. The owners, directors and choreographers of this classical dance studio are top notch Russian ballet dancers turned teachers/choreographers with over 4o years of stage and teaching experience in Europe, Asia and USA. Vera not only teaches classical ballet, modern and jazz but custom makes each and every costume and knows exactly how to compliment the dance and the dancer with the correct fitting and moving outfit.  I saw the 1 1/2 hour performance last weekend at the Mount Hope High School auditorium and it was spectacular. There are 16 dancers within a broad age range, doing a hugely diverse group of creative, inventive, colorful dances. Don't miss this if you get a spare couple of hours on Saturday. Unfortunately for Bristol, Ballet Prestige is moving from Thames Street, Bristol to 211 Waseca Street in Barrington and plans to open there in August.  We wish them luck in Barrington.    Telephone: 401 467 6698   Email:

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