Saturday, May 15, 2010

Topside is now Agave Restaurant

Look at the outside dining. Is this wonderful or what!!
Agave (pronounced: A- gav- ay) The menu is mixed and ranges from fish and chips and clam cakes to pulled pork sliders, vegetable wraps,
chipotle chicken nachos, burgers, steaks, salmon, quesadillas, mixed seafood paella, lobsters, and assorted salads and desserts.


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful face lift on the property. May the service and food be as good as the looks of the restaurant. The service needs improvement at your other restaurant Thames Waterside

E Edwinsson

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure about this place when it was Topsiders...just didn't appeal too family oriented. I notice the facelift and deck seating today and will definitely stop by.

CCinRI said...

Isn't it wonderful, another addition to the aesthete and snobbery that has made Bristol famous.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Liberatos, owner, has many plans for this restaurant and wants to make it a beautiful resting spot for all of Bristol and for visitors from the bike path as well!