Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kathleen Delekta's death

As many of you must know Katheen Delekta, age 78, was run over by a car on the crosswalk in Warren on Rte 114 outside her Pharmacy on Thursday night. She died several hours later. She was known to everyone - especially friends from Warren. Below is a message concerning her death from Sandy Scott who directs a citizens advocacy group in Warren:

Over the past few days I have monitored the never ending series of emails expressing sadness and outrage over Kathy Delekta's death. In summaryTown Council members have stated Main Street is a state highway under the cognizance of RI DOT and various town attempts at modifying traffic flow have been rejected by the state.

I have learned our Town Planner will be meeting members of RI DOT in front of Delekta's Pharmacy at 11:00 AM tomorrow (Monday) morning. The intent is to review that intersection and the safety of pedestrians crossing that walk.

I plan to get some flowers for Kathy and be at the Coffee Depot at 10:30 AM. When the members of RI DOT arrive I plan to place the flowers in front of Delekta's to celebrate Kathy's life and to mourn her death. I plan to stand for Kathy and watch as the Town Administration and the RI DOT discuss that dangerous intersection.

"Actions speak louder than words"

If we can do only one thing for Kathy, let's help make Main Street safe for pedestrians.

Sandy Scott

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