Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alert: RI Senate Greyhound Racing Ban to be voted on

As reported earlier, the House Finance Committee of Rhode Island approved a bill to prohibit dog racing, by a unanimous vote, last week. This week its the Senate's turn. Please call or email Bristol's Senator David Bates (David Bates - (401) 246-1379 - and let him him know that greyhound racing should not be allowed to re-start this Saturday May 15 at Twin River as might be the case if this Twin River legislative bankruptcy bill in the Senate Finance Committee does not pass tomorrow. Senator Bates is on this committee.

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Christine Dorchak said...

What a great blog post!

At commercial racetracks like Twin River, greyhounds endure lives of confinement. They live in stacked cages which are barely large enough for them to stand up and turn around. They are taken from their cages several times a day to relieve themselves, but the majority of their days are spent in confinement.

When put out to race, greyhounds face the risk of serious injury. Dogs used for racing are known to suffer broken legs, paralysis, seizures, and death by cardiac arrest. To see collisions from the last season of dog racing at Twin River, go to:

Clearly, greyhound racing is not only a humane issue, it is also a fiscal issue. According to the Association of Racing Commissioner International, in the last reported five years, gambling on greyhound racing has declined by 42% nationwide. Meanwhile, host states must still foot the full cost of regulation. In RI, wagering on dog races has declined by more than 90% since VLT’s were introduced in 1992. In short, dog racing is a money loser that is costing the state dollars and these gentle dogs their very lives.

Please join me in contacting all members of the Senate Finance Committee in advance of this afternoon's vote. Calls are better, given the short time available.

Chairman Daniel DaPonte - 276-5506

David Bates - 246-1379

Frank Ciccone, III - 275-0949

Louis DiPalma – 847-8540

James Doyle, II – 729-9988

Vice Chair Walter Felage, Jr. – 245-7521

John McBurney - 725-2459
Vice Chair Juan Pichardo - 461-2389

Dominick Ruggiero - 353-1311

Susan Sosnowki 783-7704

William Walaska - 737-1065

For the greyhounds,

Christine Dorchak, President