Sunday, May 2, 2010

NY Times:Interactive oil spill map

Click on this link and then on the word "play" on the left in the blue bar to see how the oil slick changes daily. The slick is now larger than the state of Rhode Island and is moving toward the Gulf Coast. Oil has been leaking for almost two weeks since 4.20.2010. There is a possibility that this slick could end up on the east side of Florida and move northward if it gets carried by the Gulf Stream. The spewing wellhead is just one of 35,000 wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, the oil dispersion chemicals that break up the oil allow it to drop through the water column endangering everything under the surface... (Shrimp, fish, crabs, clams, eggs, larvae, etc) The clean up is designated a "Hazardous Waste Cleanup" and respiratory masks and suits should be worn by all clean up workers.ttp://

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