Sunday, May 9, 2010

Local Forces joining to Stop Hess LNG

Save The Bay, Town of Bristol and Save Bristol Harbor join forces to Stop Hess LNG

As the Town formalizes a $15,000 matching grant, Save
Bristol Harbor is first to contribute to LNG defense fund

PROVIDENCE (May 6, 2010) – The Town of Bristol has announced a $15,000 incentive grant to match contributions by Bristol residents and others with Bristol connections who donate money to Save The Bay’s campaign to stop the Hess LNG terminal proposal in Mount Hope Bay.

Save Bristol Harbor ( has kicked off the campaign with a $1,000 donation that will be matched by the Town.

“The Bristol Town Council recognizes that the environmental and economic impacts posed by the Hess LNG project are substantial and permanent,” said Save The Bay Executive Director Jonathan Stone. “Moreover, the need to defeat this destructive, disruptive and unnecessary proposal is urgent. Elected officials have heard their constituents loud and clear: The Bay is not for sale.

“The Council’s generous grant will encourage others to support this fight financially,” Stone added. “Save Bristol Harbor is to be commended for its diligence throughout this battle and for setting an example that, hopefully, many will follow.”

Earlier this year, the Bristol Town Council contributed $10,000 to Save The Bay’s effort to oppose the Hess project with the promise of additional funds to encourage others to step forward with financial support.

The matching grant program begins May 6. Bristol residents and others who have a connection to the community through business or other interests qualify for the match. Contributors need only make out checks payable to “Save The Bay” with “Bristol LNG Match” entered on the memo line. All contributions are 100% tax deductible and will be restricted to Save The Bay’s Stop Hess LNG campaign.

Save The Bay has organized opposition by convening a coalition of Bay stakeholders that includes town, city and state officials, environmental and neighborhood organizations, and other concerned citizens. The group meets regularly to share information on strategies to inform and mobilize citizens, as well as to discuss legal and legislative tactics to stop the LNG terminal proposal.

In November, Save The Bay launched the Stop Hess LNG campaign, anchored by a Web site ( that includes an online petition now signed by more than 4,000 individuals and a list of allied organizations representing some 100,000 area residents opposed to the Hess plan.

Bristol was among the first of eight cities and towns whose governing bodies have voted officially to oppose the project.

“This is a defining moment for the Bay’s future,” Stone said. “We cannot stand by and allow private interests to dictate our fate. Clear and compelling evidence shows that Hess LNG is wrong for the Bay. Bristol’s matching grant is further evidence that Hess has underestimated our resolve. If we all pull together, we will prevail.

“This requires a commitment on the part of everyone who cares about the Bay and especially the kind of Bay we want our children to inherit. It is time for everyone to step up.”

Donations of any amount count towards the BRISTOL LNG MATCH which has been generously offered by the Town of Bristol. If you believe that Hess LNG does not belong in Mount Hope Bay, please consider making a donation to support the fight!

Contact: John Martin
Director of Marketing and Communications
Save the Bay
401-272-3540, ext. 131

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