Monday, October 5, 2009

Town Council agenda for Wednesday night's meeting

Below is the link to the Town Council agenda for this Wednesday's Town Council meeting at  7 pm at Town Hall. The noise ordinance will be discussed and is on page three.

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Judy Anderson said...

I did not see a follow up PB Update on what happened at the Town Council/BHDC Workshop.

A request to the Town Council and the BHDC to discuss "voluntary" as a choice in all future expansions of the BHDC was brought to the floor in the Public Forum part of the meeting and was totally ignored in the "discussion" which followed.

The reason is apparent, but will not be stated on the record. If it was made voluntary no one would comply or volunteer. How is it that our 5 elected Town Council members can vote to put property owners under the jurisdiction of the BHDC when property owners are opposed?

Will there be a followup story on PB Update?