Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NPR Toxic Water series interview with Charles Duhigg

How safe is our drinking water? This is a radio interview done by Terry Gross yesterday (Oct 19, 2009) for Fresh Air WRNI and is about 30 minutes. The interview is with Charles Duhigg who is doing a series of reports for the NY Times on our toxic waters. The link to the NY Times articles is:http://projects.nytimes.com/toxic-waters

The Terry Gross audio radio interview link is:

Bottom line: If you drink tap water, use a water filter and change it regularly. If you drink bottled water go online and see if they filter it. The USA is the Saudia Arabia of coal and coal is the largest polluter of our air, water and land. It's also why we take our relatively cheap electricity for granted. Call the BCWA (Bristol County Water Authority) and ask for the Consumer Confidence Report for the last year recording all the detected toxic pollutants in our water supply. Their number is: 401 245 2022 x19  (www.bcwa-ri.com Note: This web address did not work with a Safari browser)

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