Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mosaico needs your help on November 19

Diana Campbell, new interim director of Mosaico, has asked that I post this for her. Please try to help if you can - especially if you have some large jars of change at home that the bank will count for you!

"Bank Newport is celebrating 10 years of service to the Bristol community and they’re generously included Mosaico CDC in their celebration.

On THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19, they will be counting coins FOR FREE. At the end of the day, they will make a donation to Mosaico CDC based on the amount of money counted on that day. They will actually be doing this for the whole week, but the donation to Mosaico is only for those coins counted on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19.

Bank Newport’s Celebrating 10 YEARS flyer is attached

So we are asking that you please bring those dusty jars of coins you have in your closet or on your bureau to Bank Newport, on Gooding Avenue, on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19. Bank Newport will count your coins for free, exchange them for cash, and will make a donation to Mosaico CDC based on the day’s tally.

Pass the word! This is a painless way to show your support and make a donation to Mosaico CDC, an organization that is dedicated to helping the community through storefront renovations, mentoring, scholarships and in so many other ways. All of our funding for these programs comes from donations and grants, and this year especially, we can really use your help.

Thank you for your support, and thanks to Bank Newport for including us in their celebration!"

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Diana Campbell said...

Thanks, Lindsay, for helping me to spread the word!