Saturday, October 3, 2009

Osprey pair headed south for winter

The osprey pair that take up residence every summer at the head of the harbor on the Mill Gut nesting platform are no longer around. For several days there has been a great blue heron sitting on what was left of their nest. Ospreys are migratory and travel south — often to South America every year. On Nantucket, bird enthusiasts have placed a satellite receiver on a male osprey they call "Mr. Hannah". The solar powered receiver was funded by an anonymous $5000 gift. Mr Hannah traveled 2,800 miles in 11 days flying as fast as 52 miles per hour much of the way. He was last heard from in northern Venezuela. It is reported that osprey mate for life and return every year to the same places both north and south bound - that is if they can manage to stay alive. DDT is still not banned in South America and in many developing countries because it is very effective at preventing malaria.

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