Friday, June 12, 2009

Two local processions on Sunday, June 14

Two processions and related activities are taking place on Sunday, June 14. 

The Bristol Firefighters Memorial Procession will start at 1 pm after a mass at St Mary's . It will leave from the headquarters at the corner of Church and High Streets and wind down to Rockwell Park across from Aidan's where services begin. Bagpipes will be played. Speaker of the day will be Roswell Bosworth Jr., publisher of the East Bay Newspapers for 25 years from 1974 to 1999.

The next procession will begin at 3 pm Sunday and is part of the Portuguese Santo Cristo Feast weekend that starts on Friday at St. Elizabeth's Church on Wood Street. This event dates back for hundreds of years to the islands of the Acores. Clergy and other organizations as well as many philharmonic bands from local churches will accompany the participants. The procession will begin at the church on Wood Street and travel along Wood, Franklin, Magnolia, Bayview, High and Franklin Streets eventually returning to St. Elizabeth's church followed by dancing, livestock auctions, live music and traditional Portuguese food including malassadas. Photo above from last year.


Alexandra Morgan said...
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Anonymous said...

Roz Bosworth spoke of the volunteer fire department as being the heart and soul of town. There are 200 local men and woman who volunteer to keep the community safe. Mr. Bozworth gave praise and quiet thanks to the supportive families, "the unsung heros", who make it all possible. Thank you Mr. Bozworth for a lovely tribute to the people we never see.

Anonymous said...

The Santo Cristo procession was solemn, beautiful and other worldly. Photos will be uploaded soon. I couldn't believe I was still in Bristol.