Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rockwell School evacuated Thursday, June 18 due to toxic odor from pesticide spray

Reported from NBC News Ch 10 in Providence,RI

Rockwell School was evacuated around 1 pm today due to a Gibson Road neighbor who was spraying pesticides nearby.

Published: June 18, 2009

BRISTOL, R.I.—Ten people were sent to a hospital Thursday when they were sickened by an odor that the wind blew into a Bristol school.

The Rockwell School on Hope Street was evacuated at about 1 p.m. Officials said eight students and two staffers were treated.

Officials said the odor came from a neighbor who was spraying trees with a pesticide.

The building was aired out and people were allowed back in.

Officials said there is no lingering danger from the fumes. The smell came from a common pesticide available in stores.

Blog note: This should come as a wake up call to everyone using pesticides in densely settled residential neighborhoods especially in windy Bristol. Great care should always be used especially near young people who are more suceptible to the adverse effects of these toxins. "Common pesticides" sold in most hardware stores does not make them any less lethal. Please use with great care and dispose of responsibly.

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