Thursday, June 18, 2009

SBH on Ch 10 TV at 5 pm tonight discussing their water sampling program

Tune into Channel 10 TV News at 5:00 pm tonight and see the report on Save Bristol Harbor's Water Sampling Program and its partnership with the URI Watershed Watch! The interview took place at 10:30 am this morning (Thursday June 18) at one of the sampling sites (Windmill Point) and included several interviews with volunteers; of course they'll "edit" things down to a 60(?) second piece but, whatever the final outcome, I'm sure it'll go a long way toward reinforcing the credibility of SBH's efforts!
Keith, Joe, Chip and Bob

Keith Maloney
Chip Cavallaro
Joe Arruda
Bob Aldrich

All people noted above are Board Members of SBH and participate in the Water Sampling Program

Save Bristol Harbor (SBH) works to preserve the health, safety and integrity of the coastal waters and natural resources of Bristol RI.  SBH provides informed leadership of the promotion of responsible environmental practices, the support of educational initiatives and the formation of strategic partnerships to ensure that the long term interests of our community are protected.

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