Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spartina to be planted on Silver Creek mud flats

Walter Burke, Director of Bristol Parks and Recreation, reports that after the Bristol fourth of July celebration, a team of Eagle Scouts will be working in tandem with biologist Wenley Ferguson from Save the Bay to plant spartina sea grass on the sinking mud flat in Silver Creek opposite Sip 'n Dip. (Seen in photo above in front of Guiteras School) Geese and swans have totally destroyed this unique estuarian habitat pulling up and eating the native grasses that used to cover the island. After planting, the team will discourage geese and swans from returning by running transparent monofilament line from stakes in a grid pattern. This will allow smaller shore birds and ducks to use the island (under the monofilament) as a natural healthy habitat and hopefully -  if it works -  keep the geese and swans away.

Blogger note: The spartina shoots were planted yesterday Wednesday, July 8 by eagle scouts and a crew from Save the Bay. Word has it that this was the eagle scout project of Anthony Marshall. Ken and Christine Marshall's son. Great job. Thank you.

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