Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Greyhound Racing Injury Records Revealed. Banning greyhound racing in RI is a good idea.

For the first time ever,  a Massachusetts greyhound advocacy group (http://www.grey2kusa.org) has been able to locate official greyhound racing injury records from the state of Arizona for the year 2008. According to reports provided by the Department of Racing, more than five hundred greyhound injuries were reported. These injuries include dogs that suffered broken legs, broken backs, dislocations, amputations, paralysis and eventual euthanasia. It would be interesting to compare these statistics with the ones from the state of Rhode Island but securing RI records to date has not been possible. The greyhound industry in RI is very enmeshed in the slot machine business. (The dog people get a percentage cut.) Never is a negative word spoken about dog racing by the adoption group at Lincoln/ Twin River because of their association with the track. This is not the case in other states with greyhound racing. If you can bear it, go to this link to read a list of 17 pages of injury statistics:  http://www.grey2kusa.org/pdf/G2K-2008AZInjuryTable-060909.pdf

Attached is a link to a recent article (6.23.09) from PBN on shutting down greyhound racing in the state of RI.

Below is a sample letter to the Providence Journal in support of closing down RI greyhound racing at Twin River written 6.23.09 http://www.grey2kusa.org/pdf/CDorchakProvidenceJournalLetter-062309.pdf

Pro Jo article: June 27, 2009
House Votes to Require Greyhound Racing at Twin Ruver

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Anonymous said...

I just finished writing a letter to my various RI reps to ask for a vote against allowing greyhound racing in RI....but now I see the letter is a mute point. Unbelievably the vote passed by a large margin. Question: Does the vote to allow greyhound racing to be extended to 200 days from the minium required 125 days apply for this year only? Will greyhound racing then be banned totally or will there be a need for another vote? Rhode Islanders have been manipulated by the pro greyhound racing lobbyists for years and are way too quiet about the neglect, abuse and exploitation of these sensitive dogs. Ironically the dogs are the last to get mentioned in a sea of corrupt logic all about money, jobs, greed and gambling.