Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Osprey Ultra Marathoner

Bristol Bolg: This is great news from my friend and biologist/naturalist on Nantucket who has placed a radio backpack on a male osprey who summers and breeds in Nantucket. "Mr. Hannah" is returning to Nantucket from mid- Brazil near the Amazon. He has traveled 1900 miles in 9 days leaving SA on March 5. Details below.

Hi Osprey Friends, and Mr. Hannah Groupies,!

As predicted, on the morning of 12 March, Mr. Hannah headed over the Caribbean flying non-stop for 625 miles reaching just south of Haiti by 9 pm, and arrived in Cuba by 1 pm on 13 March. He has retraced his route through Cuba until our last data point at 5 pm on 14 March. Total travel since he left his winter home on 5 March is around 1900 miles in 9 days. Clearly he is an Ultra Marathoner! If he continues this pace, he will easily arrive on Nantucket by the end of the month – easily. Dr. Bob Kennedy, Director of Natural Sciences with the Maria Mitchell Association, Nantucket

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