Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An LNG win for Fall River

This eyewitness report from a member of Save Bristol Harbor who attended last nights meeting. Thanks for your input!
"Pelletier withdrew his proposal when all of the Fall River Town Council stated with great passion that they would vote against the proposal to allow Hess to give a formal presentation to their Town Council. The TC stated that they have heard enough from Hess and nothing would change their minds nor any money ($35M) they would offer the City. Many spoke about how dishonest and arrogant they have been over the years. On Fall River radio last week Hess accused the Town Council as being extremists. It still went to a vote, and the crowd yelled to make it unanimous so Pelletier who proposed the hearing even voted nay! Went down 9-0 and the Council President said that he hoped it sent Hess a clear message. They are not wanted in Fall River! It was awesome. It's a victory, even though small. Love it! The suits left with their tails between their legs!"

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