Monday, March 15, 2010

Help needed at Fall River LNG meeting Tuesday March 16

This info from Gordon Carrolton, Fall River, MA
"I am not sure if you have heard this or not, but there is a serious problem in Fall River with one of the City Councilors.
Councilor Leo Pelletier has come out in support of the Weavers Cove LNG project (again) Last year at the same time he did a similar thing and wanted to get Weavers Cove in to talk to them. He was and is looking for Hess/Weavers Cove to give a $5 million cash payment to the city to help bring back laid off Police and Firemen. We just heard this morning that he has recruited 200 union workers to come protest for the jobs it will provide. We are concerned that even with 100 or so members of the Somerset/Fall River group planning to attend, we may be outnumbered here. We are planning to do an automated call to about 500 people in our membership tonight, but any assistance you can provide would be appreciated. I have provided his proposed resolution and out action alert info below. The meeting is at 7pm Tuesday March 16th. With the crowd, we expect that early arrival will be required to get seating and sign up for citizens input.

We have asked the following in our email action alert.

On Tuesday, March 16, 2010 , prior to 6pm we need you to arrive at the City Council Chamber at Fall River City Hall.
We need many people to sign up for “citizen input” to speak against Leo Pelletier’s resolution.
We need you to bring your family, your children, spouses, neighbors, friends, to this meeting.

Here is proposed resolution this year :

(Councilor Leo O. Pelletier)
WHEREAS, the City of Fall River is experiencing budget cuts and financial instability, and

WHEREAS, we have spent an astronomical amount of money on litigation relating to locating an LNG facility in the north end of the city, and

WHEREAS, the possibility of Weaver’s Cove locating in the City could bring in up to $5 million dollars in well needed taxes, now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that Weaver’s Cove be invited to a future meeting of the City Council Committee on Health and Environmental Affairs to offer additional information relative to the proposed LNG terminal.

Meeting to be held at:
Government Center
1 Government Ctr
Fall River, MA 02722

Meeting is at 7 pm but we are asking people to get there at 6pm so they can grab seats and register to speak during public input if they want.
thanks for the help."

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