Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pro Jo LNG editorial

August 11, 2009
In today's Providence Journal the following LNG editorial appeared titled "Lift for LNG". (link below) To my knowledge the Pro Jo is now owned by a Dallas based company called A.H. Belo. Last month they sold RI Monthly Magazine to long time president and publisher, John Palumbo. Don't mean to belittle Texas, but this editorial definitely sounds like it was written by someone from Texas. Please send in your responses and comments.

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Anonymous said...

Off the southwest end of Marthas Vinyard is a small island that belongs to Mass.It is unoccupied but restricted in use because during WWII it was used as a bombing range and may still have ordinance on it.This happened on a island east of Puerto Rico-Vieques-Which the Puerto Rican Govt. insisted that the USNavy clean up.They did and now it is habitable.
If the Navy cleaned up the island it could be used by an LNG transporter after they put in a pipeline. People on MV might not like this idea.