Monday, August 17, 2009

Bristol EDC Business Survey is out this week

Below is a letter to the editor of the Bristol Phoenix about this week's Bristol EDC business survey. The letter is in this week's Phoenix (8.13.09) and was written by the Bristol Economic Development Commission Chair, Keith Maloney. The purpose of the survey when tallied, is to help businesses function at a higher level and to attract and retain businesses to this area. The survey is also a place where a business can voice their unique concerns. It should not take more than 15 minutes to fill out.

To the Editor,

The Bristol Economic Development Commission (BEDC), which was established by the Town Council in the fall of 2008,
plans to launch a critical component of its mission to support Bristol’s existing business owners next week.

During the week of August 17, Bristol’s 600-plus business owners will be contacted by the Commission via email or a BLUE postcard (please look for it in the mail) with a request to respond to a 30-question survey. Instructions for accessing the survey ONLINE will be provided. If a business owner prefers to complete the survey on paper, hard copies will be available at Town Hall in the Director of Community Development’s office beginning Wednesday, August 19th. Individual responses will be kept confidential, however, the total results of the survey will be made public. The survey results will guide the Commission as it determines priorities for the next year.

The value of the information learned is dependent upon the quantity and quality of participation. We respectfully request that all business owners take the 10-15 minutes necessary to give us their input on the important issues addressed, for example, “Are any of the following procedures burdensome when opening or expanding a business in Bristol: a.) Permitting Process (b.) Boards and Commissions (c.) Codes and Regulations?”. In addition, the survey gives respondents the opportunity to inform the EDC of any unique concerns in the event they are not specifically addressed in the survey. Finally, a business owner may request a personal conversation with a member of the Commission, if desired.

The Town Council, Town Administration and Mt. Hope Enterprise Zone have been actively involved in attracting and retaining businesses during these most challenging economic times and the Economic Development Commission has been created to assist in these efforts. We want to know what needs to be done to make Bristol a more “business friendly” town and, in the process, attract and retain businesses and employment opportunities here in town. We ask you, the business owner, to help us help you!

The survey will be available ONLINE and in Town Hall through September 30th and a report on the results will be made to the Town Council and the public soon thereafter. Thank you, in advance, for your participation.

Keith Maloney
Economic Development Commission

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