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August 10, 2009: "BoSox Blog 02809"

Don't know if you follow baseball much. There has been a lot of action between the Yanks and the Sox lately. A friend of mine is a maniac Red Sox fanatic. I asked them if they would write an occasional piece for the 'pb blog'. Lucky you - here is your first installment of "BoSox Blog 02809" from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.
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Going into the now infamous “Bloodbath in the Bronx,” I had a bad feeling. After it was over, I felt even worse. In addition to being swept by the Yankees and being knocked 6.5 games out of first place in the AL East, the series exposed the Red Sox’ great weakness – sometimes the bats are dead and the guys just look stupid, waving the air with a stick. We had amazing starts from Lester and Beckett and a decent start from Buchholz but could only push two runs across the plate over three nights.

Before we line up where-you-used-to feed-the-raccoons*, I think there are some good things to take away from this horrifying weekend:

This too shall pass. The only thing that Theo hates more than “paying for past performance” is watching the wheels come off the bus. Smoltz was delivered back to his house before Pedroia climbed into his booster seat on the bus.

We’ve got talent. This many people haven’t traveled between Pawtucket and New York since the great Apex sale of 1987. I think at least one of them had to write his name on the back of his uniform with a sharpie. We may have the opportunity to see some auditions this fall for players we’ll need next year.

If only they could pitch every day. I was blown away by Beckett and Lester and so were the Yankees. In an ALDS, it’s nice to know that our 1-2 will beat their 1-2 almost every time out – and if the bats show up, we’re good to go. Buchholz wasn’t half bad either. And in reality, Burnett was just okay – he walked 6 – we just couldn’t get them home.

• Today is another day and they play again tonight. Whew.

I was forced to endure e-mail taunts from a good friend who (sadly) is also a (deranged) Yankee fan. I had to hear about the mistakes Sox have made and was able to counter with a few good jabs (how much did they pay for each Pavano start? are they still going to be paying A-Rod when he’s a grandpa? are they worried that he’s abusing his lip gloss?)

At the end of the back and forth, I actually felt better. We looked horrible, they looked invincible, but at the end of it all, it’s just a game, right? Nope, it’s Red Sox v. Yankees and the next time they play, I’ll be sticking to my too-small seat at Fenway Park, screeching at the top of my lungs and loving every minute of it.

* bonus points if you knew I was talking about the Mount Hope Bridge

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