Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bristol citizen responds to Pro Jo LNG editorial

(Blogger note: The Pro Jo editorial can be found in the next entry.)
To the Editor:
Your editorial of August 11, LIFT FOR LNG, is reprehensible and irresponsible to the State of Rhode Island and it's citizenry. You are willing to sell our soul to Hess Oil Company. You state that it is economically prudent, yet you fail to mention the loss in tourism, cruise ship visitations to Newport, real estate values of towns along the 20 mile inland water route, visual blight from a three story high terminal in Mount Hope Bay which is lighted 24/7, the closing of bridges 140 times per year with the traffic tie ups, the economic disaster to our recreational boating and commercial fishing, and the negative environmental impact caused by the dredging of the pipeline to Fall River. And, yes, the potential of a disaster from a highly volatile liquid which would give third degree burns to those within one mile of an explosion. These 960 foot long tankers pass within a few thousand feet of Roger Williams University with over 3,000 students. They would clear the Mount Hope Bridge by a mere FIVE FEET! Now, if that is not an accident waiting to happen, then what is?
I suggest that you do your homework before you endorse this horrific project. I am more than willing to pay my fair share for energy without causing the destruction of our pristine and beautiful Narragansett Bay. The almighty dollar is no excuse to foster this on the State of Rhode Island or to line the pockets of Hess Oil from Texas!
Susan Capone Maloney
Bristol, Rhode Island

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