Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Town Council Mount Hope Farm Meeting

There is a special Town Council meeting scheduled
for Wednesday June 2 at 7pm at Town Hall concerning
a loan from the Town of Bristol to Mount Hope Farm.

It is my understanding that Michael Gerhardt,
Interim Executive Director of Mount Hope Farm,
has requested a secure loan in the area of $350K
from the Town of Bristol to help with the immediate
need for financial support and cash flow at the farm.

This bridge loan will be discussed at the meeting
with public comment allowed. A clear and forceful
message in support of this action is needed.

It is my understanding that the loan will be secured
by a 2 acre lot/house owned by Mount Hope Farm
off DeWolfe Ave to be used as collateral. This is not
part of the nine acre/buffer open space parcel.
The loan is to be paid back in installments with $100K
being the first installment - the rest in 2 or 3
installments to be paid on a performance basis.

Please make an effort to attend this meeting
(tomorrow night) in support of Mount Hope Farm.


Anonymous said...

The results of this meeting will be heard on June 9 at Town Hall 7 pm. For legal reasons, the Town of Bristol was not able to act on their decision.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that, I support the farm but I see way to much town influence sitting on the board, who never reacted to the past mis deeds here.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Town influence will be changing very soon when the By Laws change. The By Laws change process is going on right now. Stay tuned. There are two new Board of Trustees from the Mount Hope Farm Citizens group — just approved on JUne 24, 2010!