Friday, June 25, 2010

Good LNG News!

This email just in from Susan Maloney about the Gablinski LNG bridge height bill. It passed!

Dear friends, neighbors, and anti LNG supporters,

THIS IS REALLY GREAT NEWS!!!! Tonight, Friday, at midnight, State Representative Doug Gablinski's bill that recently passed both RI Senate and House will automatically be signed into law without Governor Carcieri's signature. This means that NO SHIPS CAN PASS UNDER RHODE ISLAND BRIDGES UNLESS THERE IS A THIRTY FOOT CLEARANCE!!! LNG tankers would presently clear the Mount Hope Bridge by a mere five feet., so now THEY WOULD VIOLATE RHODE ISLAND LAW!

There will be a news conference to announce this ....MONDAY MORNING (June 28, 2010) AT 11 O'CLOCK AT THE END OF FERRY ROAD, BY ROGER WILLIAMS, UNDER THE BRIDGE. Save the Bay, Save Bristol Harbor, state politicians, etc. will be there. Please come and join in this momentous moment!

Raise a glass at midnight tonight! This might be the final nail in the LNG coffin!!! Pray!

Susan (Maloney)


SteelToad said...

You've really made my day with that. Thanx

Anonymous said...

Excellent News! But let's not let our guard down. Hess will be back.

I'd like to organize a large flotilla to anchor in the path of the Hess ships should that become necessary.

Let them tow our boats away and detain the captains. It'd be great TV news and I'll bet we could convince many boats of all sizes to join.

Anonymous said...

Hess already has plans for smaller tankers which will slip under the Mt. Hope Bridge very easily.
These plans were formulated when the Brightman Street Bridge was made an historic bridge. Then Hess could not make the bridge larger so Hess came up with the plan to use smaller tankers. Lots of them! They would be plying Rhode Island waters more frequently and would require the same security zones as for the larger tankers. This would mean even greater restrictive travel by commercial and recreational boats on RI Waters. Do we really want that? Perhaps, like in a game of chess, we should plan ahead for that eventuality. We need to be two or three moves ahead of Hess. My suggestion is to plan on legislation that would prevent even smaller LNG tankers from going under the Mt. Hope Bridge . Is the Mt. Hope Bridge on the U.S. Historic Register? Perhaps it should be. Paul Sanroma

Anonymous said...

The smaller ships are not compatible with the berthing facility they have built their “death star” plan around, so to use smaller ships they would have to redraw and resubmit their proposal to FERC and all of the other agencies that are looking at this.

I think we all recognize that this bill buys us some time and is a piece of our “death by 1000 paper cuts” strategy. This is not the end of the fight but we should celebrate its passage! CC