Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nacho Mama's is Open for Business

The sign says DRY CLEANERS plain as day but beneath the sign is a new food place called
Nacho Mama's that makes yummy Mexican style burritos and tacos. They just opened and are located
at 76 State Street where the Pizza place used to be next to Citizens Bank on the corner of Hope and State!
Give them a try. I did by accident when looking for a pizza slice! Michael Siino, proprietor.


litjones said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey LG! That place is great. They were just on The Rhode Show this morning, too. Wild!!!
Thing is I think they spell it with 2 m's. As in Nacho Mamma's.

Anonymous said...

Good Food, Bad attitudes

Anonymous said...

one word: yummy!