Monday, April 26, 2010

Portsmouth: Glen Ridge Farm

Portsmouth Town Hall - 7 pm, Thursday April 29, 2010

An important meeting is taking place
about the continued livelihood and existence of an alpaca farm in Portsmouth RI.
The farm is called Glen Ridge Farm. It's on the water and they raise
alpacas and have about 80 at the moment. They have owned the property for about 11 years.

The Portsmouth Planning Board has voted 4/3 to deny approval
of an access emergency road (once a paper road) through the alpaca farm property but there
is an appeal to the zoning board in place that will be
reviewed on Thursday night by neighbor, RI Nurseries person and developer Bruce Vanacek.
If the the road is passed - it will force the farm to close cutting the barn off from the pasture.

This is the story of a small historic farm being threatened by development.
The alpaca farm has CRMC, DEM, the Portsmouth Police and Fire Chief, Ted Clement
from Aquidneck Land Trust, Preserve Portsmouth, Greenvale Vineyards on their side but this
is not enough.

This will be the only subject of this meeting. For further details call the farm and ask for Ann: 401 529 4427.
(This threat has been going on for three years. Lawyers have been hired. The story is multi-layered, complicated and expensive.)

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Anonymous said...

CNN has a wonderful story about how they donated much of the alpacas hair fiber to help with the oil disaster. Leave the farm alone!