Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hazardous waste dump runs

Residents must discard household hazardous waste (HHW) via the RIRRC Eco-Depot program, as they normally would. Examples of common HHW include oil-based paint, fluorescent light bulbs, lawn chemicals, pesticides, antifreeze, pool chemicals, turpentine, muriatic acid, and fire extinguishers. Any product that is flammable, combustible, explosive, toxic, corrosive, poisonous and hazardous to health qualifies as HHW.

RIRRC warns residents to use caution when handling and transporting materials to Eco-Depot. Some products can cause reactions if they are combined with other hazardous products so it’s best to keep the HHW in original containers. Line your vehicle floor with newspaper or plastic, and put bunched up newspaper between different HHW products.

For more information about what qualifies for HHW collections, directions, collection dates, and handling instructions, visit the Eco-Depot page on or call
942-1430 x 241.

If Bristol has an Eco-Depot day it will be announced.

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