Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bristol County FEMA confusion

There has been some confusion with FEMA coverage for Bristol County RI. I asked Rep Gallison about it and this was his response:
"What happened was that there was confusion with the storm 2 weeks ago when a request for the disaster declaration was asked for Bristol County but did not qualify, coupled with the fly over on Thursday (April 1, 2010) which did not show homes or businesses underwater. RIEMA and FEMA have come in to do an assessment. That is why we need everyone to register with FEMA at This, along with photos is critical documentation. Senator Whitehouse did a tour of the Town at 4 pm today and said everything is in place for Bristol County to get the Declaration.
Ray Gallison

PS: You may also see a request to cut down on sewage use. The system is treating 11 million gallons a day, way over capacity (approx 4M), plus some of the pumps were underwater which causes some damage."

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