Monday, September 14, 2009

Town Council Agenda for this Wednesday's September 16, 2009 meeting
Note: Noise ordinance first reading is on page four with representatives from Blithewold in opposition and the neighborhood home owners association on Van Wickle Street in support. The ordinance is to lower the decibel limit from 70 as it is now to 50 as it was originally a few years ago.

Blogger note: This was "continued" until the next TC meeting by Chairman Marshall.

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Anonymous said...

It is truly ridiculous that the Van Wickle Homeowners Association members are complaining about the noise level at Blithewold! Each resident knowingly purchased their home next to the estate. It's not as if Blithewold just suddenly was built or just began holding events. This is a sore example of new-monied people hoping to exert power and pressure. Blithewold uses these events to raise money so they house can remain a nonprofit open to the public. The disgruntled neighbors should have done their homework prior to moving in.