Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RWU Reason & Respect lecture series

These sound like excellent lectures. We are lucky to have these people visiting RWU and Bristol to share their insights.

The philosophy behind Reason & Respect: The Civil Discourse Distinguished Lecture Series can be demonstrated by the following statement from Dr. Roy J. Nirschel, President of Roger Williams University:

“Too often in our society, politicians, media, and even some in higher education, confuse the volume of their voices with the substance of their argument. At Roger Williams University, we believe it is important to have many voices from many kinds of learners expressing differing points of view, but with respect and civility.”

Click on the link below to get schedule of lectures on October 6, 16 and Nov 3. The lectures are free but registration by phone is required.254.3210http://www.rwu.edu/about/president/initiatives/reasonrespect/lecture_series/events.htm

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