Friday, September 25, 2009

Stone Harbour to go before HDC for white mill balcony

This entry posted at the request of Bob and Diane Sliney and Stan Dimock , residents of Stone Harbour Condominium Complex.

Stone Harbour Development Corporation has submitted an application to the Bristol Historic District Commission to attach a 10' by 21' coated metal balcony to the historic Namquit Mill building in order to make an unsold condominium unit more marketable by creating outdoor space. The Namquit Mill, an early steam mill that was constructed shortly after the Slater Mill in Providence, is an important RI industrial structure. We encourage anyone opposed to this egregious action to attend the HDC meeting on Thursday, October 1 at 7 pm in Town Hall.

Blogger note: This is listed as item no. 12 of 14 on the HDC agenda so it will be heard most likely after 8 - 8:30 pm. I have not seen the plans for this deck but have received a copy of a letter from Stan Dimock, resident of Stone Harbour, written to the HDC. Stan is opposed to this deck for several reasons — some are: Establishing a dangerous precedent, damage to historic integrity of Namquit Mill, exacerbating drainage and structural problems, and placement in proximity to electrical transformers for the entire complex. 
Please attend this meeting if you have an opinion either for or against. LG

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