Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Founders of the MET Schools in Providence to start new college with RWU in Providence called College Unbound

Currently, the design of a traditional four-year college mimics that of a typical high school. Students earn a degree based on the number of college credits they accumulate. College Unbound aims to turn that system on its head. Instead of fitting a student’s interests into a set curriculum, College Unbound will design a path of study around a student’s passion, be it marine sciences or art.


Diana said...

What a great idea!

denise said...

At last!!!Consumer friendly college.
This concept behind this design worked quite well for my daughter who, in her sophomore year at George Mason U, was accepted into an honors program that allowed her to create her own course of studies to attain a BS in Independent Arts Studies.
Perhaps someday, we can design high schools that emulate this model!!
Denise A.