Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bristol Golf Course given honor as worst in America by NY Times!

"But quirky as these courses are, none can compare with the Bristol Golf Club, in nearby Bristol, R.I., which is of a worseness so extreme that you occasionally wonder if it’s not ironic. Maybe, like certain fashion trends, it’s bad on purpose?

More likely, the course is the way it is because golf is not the highest priority here: something you sense when you to try to find the pro shop, and discover that all the golf business — paying for greens fees, buying a last-minute sleeve of balls — is done at one end of the bar. And Bristol has also been stuck — blighted, you could say — with some of the least likely golfing terrain imaginable. The course is in the middle of an industrial park, so that the opening hole, for example, an otherwise flat and forgettable 137-yard par 3, is enhanced by the sight of a blue metal warehouse building behind the green. When I played here recently, there was a guy out in back welding, and the sparks brightened a day otherwise overcast and dismal."

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