Monday, September 6, 2010

Nacho Mamma's menu

Corner of State and Hope next to Dry Cleaners. Open to 11 most nights...They do TAKE OUT! Telephone: 401 396 9588 (Click on menu once to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

Delicious fresh food at very reasonable prices. I am already addicted to their "Wicked" Nachos with spicy pulled pork on their own homemade tortilla chips then oven baked...Yum!

Anonymous said...

I recently visited the restaurant. I did like my meal but was taken back by the prices for a restaurant that does not have table service or even serve my food on a real plate. To pay $14 for Nachos with guacamole and served in a basket on foil as my plate was very disappointing. Nachos were good but not the best.
I am a mexican food lover and will drive 20 miles for a good meal.
The manager was very friendly and you can tell he loved what he was doing. The prices and presentation did not impress me. That is only my opinion others may live it !!