Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is it OK to have your own urban backyard chickens?

July 22, 2010
This will be decided in Providence soon. Other major cities, including New York, Portland, Denver, Baltimore and New Haven, have passed laws allowing for chicken-keeping in recent years, according to Leo Pollack, education director at the Southside Community Land Trust, which helped develop the proposed legislation and operates a farm in South Providence that has six chickens.

Proponents say the new law would also provide guidelines for enforcement officers.

The law, which is based on regulations passed elsewhere, requires that chickens be housed outdoors in a well-vented, predator-resistant hen house and require that hen houses be located at least 20 feet from any dwelling.

The law also bans roosters — assuaging fears of legalizing cockfighting — and prohibits the slaughtering of chickens.

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