Friday, July 2, 2010

Fireworks are on the Fourth!

If you are a dog lover and a dog owner chances are you have a hard time celebrating Bristol's
Fourth of July parade and the fireworks. Now that Rhode Island has made fireworks LEGAL it's become an all out war trying to protect dogs from fireworks abuse. This and the continual shooting of guns in the parade makes it hard for dog lovers and their pets to have a good time this time of year. (Flag painting by Jasper Johns)


Dory said... on the parade route all those years I put my Buffy Boxer dog in the kennel almost every 4th. Safer, quieter...the booms in the parade were just too much for her! The worst were the little canons that groups would set off, sometimes right in front of my house. Even my mild mannered Molly Cocker dog would shake when the canons boomed. And before that I used to lock up my little beagle and big labrador with my father in his house where they could commiserate together as they all hated the booms!

Anonymous said...


Thank you! From one boom hater to the next...xox

I am soooo glad it is over.